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Author Topic: Theories  (Read 2207 times)

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« on: April 29, 2006, 08:24:48 PM »

Do you realize that the bible wasnt written by god, but by humans. So if the penalty of eternal burning wasn't mentioned in the Old Testament, then yes it is true that God had used the term death rather than eternal punishment.
God possibly witheld that information for a reason. Could be of many
reasons, we don't know. But Cains punishment for murdering Abel was to be driven from the land and whatnot, the punishment is NOT to go to hell, so he marked Cain and the killer of Cain was to have a punishment 7 times worse than his. Mabey he was referring to sending that person to hell or mabey just an actual punishment 7 times worse.I only got as far as to Noah's Ark on your article, but again i refer to the fact that the bible wasn't written by god that it was failed to explain t he penalty of eternal torture.
However, he did say they would die, and they did die. Which brings me back to Adam and Eve, God had said that if they were to eat the fruit they would surely die. Which again, he wasn't lying. Adam and Eve were immortal untill they ate the fruit, and then eventually they died. The only thing i see from what I've read that you stumped me (that I can think of at the moment) was why God witheld that information. But this doesn't mean god was lying. Im sure there was a reason that that information could not have been released.

Please E-mail me back with some more information on this because i am
 interested in your theories. This is not a critisism, as i am sure you have
some type of information to contradict mine, i just want to be more educated on it. Thank You

Dear Aaron:

I don't have too many theories. What I believe is based on Scripture. If you had read my material on "HELL" you wouldn't be having these "theories" of your own, such as that Adam and Eve were immortal--they were NOT.

God be with you,

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