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Author Topic: Paul  (Read 5384 times)

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« on: January 27, 2008, 09:24:35 AM »

        Dear Ray.

        I have a question that has been “At me” for some time.

        Jesus told the apostles to, not listen, to anyone coming after him that was teaching a Gospel contrary to the one that, he himself, had spoken. Even if it were an Angel of Light!!

        If I am correct in what I believe Jesus and the Bible are telling us, then shouldn’t we be very careful of anyone claiming to have “Special” knowledge? Such as Paul? Who was knocked down and made blind by a “Being of Light“, claiming to be the Lord.

        I am not saying that what Paul spoke was contrary. But being that the Word of God is so complex and hard enough to figure out on it’s own (Maybe not for some. But for me, it can be).

        How are we to be sure that it was God that spoke to Paul and not Satan?
        How do we know that Mohammad did not truly talk to God?

        Why believe Paul?
        The whole “Paul thing”, may have been a test from God himself to see if we were paying attention. To see if we would listen to Jesus and not listen to anyone else.
        Is it possible that when Jesus spoke these words, he was telling us that this was the end of the prophets. That he, himself was the last one to come and tell us with All authority? And that we should not listen to anyone coming after him?

        I guess there are groups out there (Gnostics or something) that do not believe that what Paul spoke, is Gospel. And I assume it is for these reasons.

        I just don’t understand why God would “Lump” on top of US, another thing to be concerned with. Deciphering truths seem to be hard enough without, having to now, reason if Paul was speaking the True Word of God.
        I would like to hear what you have to say about it. I respect what you say because you seem to have a good deal of “Horse Sense” (That is a complement by the way) when it comes to the word of God. And you have made me see the light on matters of Hell and God’s Justice.

        Thank you.

        Dear Dante:  I seriously do not understand your questions.  Why would you question the Apostle Paul (maybe the greatest saint that has ever lived in the history of the world)?  Because lying deceiving Gnostics question something is that reason for you to question it?  The First church of Satan questioned God. They say we should worship Satan. so should we worship Satan.  You asked whether it was God or Satan that talked to Muhammad?  I could ask, How do we know it was not Satan talking with Moses?  And where did Jesus say to "Not believe anyone who came after him?"  It is not up to you to prove every hypocrite and false prophet to be wrong. I immediately reject what they say. I marvel that anyone could believe that Paul was not the grandest of followers of Jesus. His teachings are marvelous beyond compare to anything.
        I really don't know what to tell you, Dante.  Do they have some evidence of Paul's evils deeds or teachings after his conversion?  I think not.
        God be with you,
        PS   I wish that we had a lot more of Paul's epistles.
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