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Author Topic: God's book of life ?  (Read 3033 times)

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God's book of life ?
« on: January 30, 2008, 06:41:57 PM »

When we read about the book of life in the bible, what does that represent ? Is it talking about our names here on earth that can be blotted out ? How should we view this ? I'm looking forward to your answers. Love
you all, Gary


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Re: God's book of life ?
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2008, 06:57:25 PM »

Hi Gary,

The short answer to your question is Christ!

Jesus Christ is The Book Of Life as He is The Word.

Here is an email to Ray that gives some detail;


Hello, I stumbled upon your site and happy that I did.  I have struggled of late with many issues on your site. 

I have "fallen away" from my Assemblies of God Church for many reasons a lot have to do with what I feel God has pointed out to be false teachings on the tithe, importance of an altar (in the church of course). But most has to do with the arrogance and greed of our pastor.

My church is in a small farming community and the pastors wears expensive clothing and has a large house.  He teaches on the tithe and says that if you stop no matter how much debt you have in your household you risk losing God's covering.  I have pointed out the new testament teaching about owing no man anything but the debt of love and the response I got was is it God's fault that you got yourself into a situation by being a poor steward with your money.  The word 'pastor' is only mentioned once in the NKJ version which tells me God didn't put to much thought into the position.

Enough of my ranting.

I have a couple of question now that I completely doubt my belief and the teachings I have been under.

1.  How do you know you are right with God?

2.  What would cause your name to be blotted out of the Lambs book of life?

3.  What does the future hold for pastors that teach error laden sermons?

[Ray Replies]

Dear ...:

Thank you for your email and interest in our site.

More important than "being right with God" is the fact that "God is ALWAYS right with us."

Conversion is a process. It starts with faith and desire. Both of which are gifts of God. We you come to the place that you no longer hold out on God, you are no longer playing church, see the deception and corruption in the Babylonish Church System smothering the earth, and surrender you will to God, then you will start to feel "right" with God. When your desire is to mortify the lusts and deeds of the mind and body rather than to feed them, you will begin to feel right with God. When you find yourself thinking about God and praying to God for yourself and for the suffering of others EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG, then you will begin to be RIGHT WITH GOD.

I remember a friend saying to me years ago, "Ray, is this stuff with God all you ever thing about?"  I thought for a moment and replied, "Yah, pretty much." The longer you hunger and thirst for righteousness, the stronger you faith and emotions toward God become. Your heart's desire is to do God's will in the spirit and not your own will in the flesh--you are now RIGHT WITH GOD!

Trust me when I tell you that people who are concerned and fear committing the so-called unpardonable sin or being blotted out of the book of life, are not the ones that it will happen to. These two things are virtually synonymous.  First understand that "book of life" is an idiom used to describe something SPIRITUAL, not a literal physical book with pages and names on them.

What is the book of life? JESUS CHRIST IS THE WALKING, TALKING, LIVING BOOK OF LIFE.  The Father has given His son  LIFE, and Jesus can not give that same LIFE to anyone He desires. People don't have their names written on a page in a literal book, and then later have an angel come with a bottle of white-out and remove it. Those who are not walking, talking, and living the life of Christ in them are CONTINUALLY BEING BLOTTED OUT OF LIVING BOOK OF CHRIST. Life is not in a book, but in CHRIST WHO IS THE LIVING BOOK.

But even if one is being blotted out somewhere along his life, he can be restored. Paul turned people over to SATAN THE DEVIL to have their flesh destroyed (not there physical body, but their CARNAL HEART AND MIND) so that they would learn not to blaspheme. But after they learn not to blaspheme, then they are RETURNED to fellowship with man and God.

It has been the churches that have caused men to fear God as a fickled kind of a god who one never quite knows for sure which side of the bed he got up on and therefore we must always be in fear and trepidation of our salvation. The "Pastors" (you are correct there is truly only ONE PASTOR of the sheep and that is Christ) love this power over the dumb sheep.

Have no fear. If you love God you will NEVER be blotted out of Christ the true book of life.

"Error laden sermons" is not nearly as huge a problem as error laden hearts and minds. As most pastors of Christendom are not converted and actually despise the True Word of God, they will have to be purged with the fire of God's Holy Spirit. In one way or the other we ALL must bear our cross and go through the fire (See First Cor. 3).  Also be sure to read my paper on the Lake of Fire which is now being posted in installments on this site.

Isaiah tells us that it is the "shepherds" that have LEAD GOD'S SHEEP ASTRAY. They will bear the greater accountability for their sins.

Let me know if you still have questions. God be with you always.






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Re: God's book of life ?
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2008, 07:29:26 PM »

Thank you Joe.... that is what I thought ! It's cool when The Holy Spirit is backing up what we already feel to be true.


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Re: God's book of life ?
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2008, 07:56:19 PM »

Amen to that Gary!

His Peace to you Brother,

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