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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 3517 times)

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« on: February 20, 2008, 06:19:45 PM »

Dear Ray,

    I am the president of an organization that offers help to the impoverished and war torn in Africa by bringing tangible assistance and the hope of Jesus.  It is a "front line" ministry that is extremely effective.  So far this year, we have seen 20,000 Africans give their lives to Christ.

    After reading your letters concerning tithing, I find your views petty and small.  You need to think bigger, my friend.  Our time here on earth is surprisingly short, and not to be spent foolishly debating over what is ours.  We own nothing, but are simply passing through.  Use money for eternal purposes while you can.

    Tithes and offerings are not entitlements to pastors, a negotiation for blessing, or "seed".  It is simply an honor to give to the One who has given so much to us.  Anything else is an affront to our Savior.

    What you are doing is inciting rage in the unskilled swordsman and marring the very Grace extended you. I would give you a stern warning:
    Do not lead people to revolt. 
    Lead them to Jesus

    Dear Sandy: I agree whole-heartedly with you concerning your first paragraph, and that "we need to think bigger," and that we should not foolishly debate over "what is ours," and "using money" for good things is also good, and yes, it is "an honor to give to God," but what pray tell does ANY of that have to do with the Old Covenant law of tithing farm products to the poor, strangers, Levites and priests? Absolute NOTHING!  "God loves a cheerful GIVER."  Do you see the word "tithing-payer" in that verse anywhere?  Voluntary giving from the heart as God has prospered one is certainly Scriptural. Teaching people that tithing is a New Covenant  LAW, the breaking of which is SIN, the penalty of which is DEATH, is, however, damnable heresy and sin to teach.  And you come pretty close to slander when you suggest that I am  "...inciting rage in the unskilled swordsman and marring the very Grace extended you." You are completely out of line with such false statements. You have no idea how many thousands of people have either come to Jesus or returned to Jesus after reading the material on our site. So I am giving YOU "stern warning," Sandy!  Either YOU repent or YOU will give account one day for slandering a work inspired by the Holy Spirit of God.
    God be with you,
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