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Author Topic: Homosexual  (Read 4376 times)

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« on: February 23, 2008, 10:22:52 AM »

Dear Ray,
Having just found your website purely by accident whilst researching for an essay, I feel compelled to contact you.
Firstly, about your paper "Is homosexuality a sin for New Testament believers?". Sir, I find you a liar and a hypocrite, for this reason only. You proclaim that in writing that article your intention is not to judge. And yet, throughout the article you do not neutrally analyse the scriptures, but do so in a biased and judgemental way, following your interpretations of them with personal opinion.
For example, the use of the word perversion. I agree that sexual practises such as bestiality ARE perversions, howev er in an article such as you claimed to be writing (namely non-judgemental) that is a very judgemental phrase to be using. Oh and, prostitution is not closely allied with homosexuality, it is closely allied with all sexuality.
"Speaking against homosexuality may soon become a hate crime law in which offenders will be prosecuted as criminals. Let's take a closer Scriptural look at this subject while the law still allows it." So are you professing to be committing a hate crime while you still think you can get away with it? That to my mind does go against the Christian ethos of indiscriminate love.
"I am not condemning the sinners, but I am condemning the sin and the lax attitudes toward this sin. " - really? I thought you claimed at the start of the article not to be jud ging; and yet here you are putting forward and act of condemnation, an act of judgement.
In regards to your comments about the animal kingdom, you are guilty of a couple of factual errors and/or omissions. Firstly, human beings are the only animals on this planet that regularly kill members of their own species, bar one. (I am not including members of the insect kingdom in this, for reasons I shall momentarily explain). There are two species of primate that share over 98% of the same genetic material as humans; the chimpanzee and the bonobo monkey. The former practises exclusively hetersexual intercourse and is the only species to kill members of it's own, except for humans. The latter practises omni-sexuality; the bonobo monkeys use sex the same way a human would shake hands or say hello; as a greeting. They are the species of primate that is the most peaceful and harmonious o f any primate species.
So now to your argument about looking to nature for human morality. I agree that taking moral cues from animals may not be the best course of action for mankind, however that does not mean we cannot recognise trends that do occur in nature. And, given mankinds propensity for warlike behaviour, perhaps it would not be such a bad thing if we DID take our cues from the likes of the bonobo. We would certainly have less laws.
Leaving that topic aside for a moment, I will now ask of you a simple question. This refers to the laws laid out in leviticus. From your arguments I would infer that you feel we cannot pick and choose which ones apply to us in modern life? That if we follow any of them we must fol low th em all, thus negating the arguments about cultural relativity.
Ok, so, do you follow the Kosher food laws? Do you condemn people who
- Shave (Lev 19:27)
- Eat Shrimp (Lev 11:10)

        - Get tattoos (Lev  19:28)

        - Work on Saturdays (Lev 19:30)

        - Wear Polyester (Lev 19:19)

        - Eat rabbit (Lev 11:6)

        - Eat Hamburgers (Lev 17:10)

        - Grow vegetable gardens (Lev 19:19)

        There are others which I do not immediately have passage references for, but they include; stoning rape victims for not shouting loudly enough while being raped, not having intercourse with a woman whilst "unclean" (ie after her period for a set number of days), it being permissable to buy slaves from neighbouring states. The list goes on.
        If you do not follow all of the rules, then you are again guilty of hypocrisy, for if one rule must be followed, (for example "Thou shalt not lie with a man as with a woman, this is an abomination" (modern scholars believing by the way, than the translation of abomination was actually in reference to something not to due during rituals) as a way to condemn homosexuality,) then all rules must be followed.
        So to answer your general que stion, "Should I just keep my mouth shut on this subject?" my answer is a resounding YES.
        I do not expect a reply to this email, however, I feel obligated to myself and my values to send this email, to tell you that, in my opinion, you are using your interpretation of religion as a basis for hatemongering.

        Dear Stewart:

        I assume you believe that your email says something meaningful? I assure you it does not. You asked if I "condemn people" who eat shrimp, shave, or wear polyester?  NO, and neither do I condemn homosexuals, however, the Scriptures do, and I was just passing on that information. Sorry that you are like those of old who prefer to kill the messenger rather than to hear the message.

        God be with you,

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