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Author Topic: Faith  (Read 4315 times)

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« on: February 28, 2008, 09:43:17 AM »

faith is proof of things invisible and eternal, not of things temporal and seen.  The invisible and eternal things of god come by hearing the word of god.    I had God speak a word to me   a couple of weeks ago and here is what he told me in a dream SOWING THE WORD OF GOD IN GOOD GROUND IS THE KEY!  Before a farmer plants the seed there is a process of preparing the ground, he has the plow the gound, take out the rocks, rip out the thorns  then he can sow the seed so it brings forth fruit some 30 60 100 fold. Of the 4 types of ground only  the good ground brought forth 30 60 100 fold of the word of god and to every seed he gives it a body. the word of god will reproduce the word of god ,just like an apple seed will bring forth more apple seeds. God is a God of reproduction and of multiplying himself in to the hearts of those that can HEAR and UNDERSTAND. when the heart is GOOD A ND READY and done at the right season the seed sown in us will  not return unto him void it will receive a RESURRECTION and it will also be harvested so that others can eat the friut god sowed in us.  Do you think God is in the process of plowing the hearts of mankind so that he can sow himself into them and bring forth sons?

Dear Matthew:  God has ALWAYS been in the process of preparing a select Elect Few to become His "manifest sons of God."  It always was and will contintue to be "many called but FEW chosen" until Jesus returns.

God be with you,

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