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Author Topic: HELL--The ultimate faith killer!  (Read 2200 times)

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HELL--The ultimate faith killer!
« on: March 01, 2008, 10:37:27 AM »

Denny: I would like to put this email on our home page and call it:
HELL--The ultimate faith killer!

    Hello Ray,
     I just wanted to comment on your website and what it has done for a lot of people like me. It is not easy to overcome dwindling faith, and I was in that position. I couldn't accept that a loving God would send anyone to an ever burning hell for eternity simply for not believing in Him. I was distraught, angry, and couldn't shake off the Baptist teachings I had received growing up. I have a mentally handicapped brother and many people will say "He will go to Heaven by default". God blessed our family with my brother, but He blesses every family with even a normally functioned individual. There were some that would say "Well, the bible doesn't say that mentally han dicapped people will go to Heaven because they still sin". It disgusted me, and filled me with anger that anyone could think such a thing. I didn't want any involvement with a God that would send children, mentally handicapped individuals, or regular adults to a place of eternal torment while others openly embrace this doctrine. I came across your site and it filled me with hope. I did a lot of research on the subject and my eyes were opened. I no longer have that anger, hatred, or resentment. I learn every day, but I know that God has blessed every household, no matter what religion or lack thereof, with their good fortune and with their loving family. For the doctrine that is widely preached today, God would simply be creating people to torture them for eternity as He already knows if we will die in a different religion or none at all. It is no surprise to Him, and that is something I could not accept. God is love, and loves every one of His children. My brother cannot comprehend God, just as many Christians cannot comprehend losing their faith, and atheists/agnostics cannot comprehend converting to Christianity without reliable proof. A loving God would not create someone to torture them for eternity when their physical bodies die. That is a God of evil, not love. I wanted to thank you for helping me and many others. God bless you, I am truly sorry for your sons passing, and may you continue spreading the REAL good news.
    Thank you,
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