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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 2284 times)

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« on: March 05, 2008, 08:19:54 PM »

Hello Minister Smith.

I must commend you on your information and interpretation of scripture pertaining to the heresy of Tithing.

My co-laborer and I have also done an intensive study by the Holy Spirit direction and realize this heretical teaching of Tithing a few yrs ago.     My theology school also speaks against the false teaching of Tithing and bondage it brings.

One pastor   who was a student then, said to my professor that he should not be teaching that. Doctor Jameson told that pastor, if he did not, then he would not be teaching truth.   He then posed the question is it better to give according to what the pastor say or according to the Holy Spirit direction?  The pastor could not answer.

The problem in the church on the doctrine of tithing

1: like the scripture says men will preach/teach by deception which you already stated because of personal gain

2: Pastors are afraid that the people wonít give so they use their ethos to place fear and bondage on the saints.

3: Pastors donít understand that giving of anything good to another person is always a matter of the heart and not a doctrine.

I believe God is raising up many new ministers who shall stand on his truth with boldness and not bondage, ministers who are not caught up in the ethos of people but want to please of God.  I know many of there people who the Lord has open their eyes realize that there is a need for another reformation in the Church .  Hermeneutical teaching is what missing in the Church.

I always speak against the deceivers of TBN and their false proFIts

TD Jakes, Bynum. Shambach, Dollar, and even Joel Olsteen (and his feel good messages) and a few others.   People rather believe them then study the word of God for themselves. ( Lazy Christians)

I encourage you to keep up the good word and may the Lord continue to use you to open up the eyes of His sheep.

Your Brother in Christ

Rev. Mike ..........


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