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Author Topic: Fruit?  (Read 5189 times)

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« on: March 18, 2008, 08:57:39 PM »

        Ray –

        I am wondering about the Fruit which Believers produce.

        We know this is spiritual and character based.

        I do not believe the ‘Called’ produce any Fruit, and that only the ‘Called and Chosen’ do.

        I believe the ‘Called and Chosen’ start producing Fruit from the time they are begotten; do you think this represents the 30?

        I believe the ‘Called and Chosen’ start producing more Fruit when ‘they come out of her, My Children’: do you think this represents the 60?

        I believe only the ‘Called and the Chosen’ who persevere until the end (of their physical life) will be part of the First Fruits of the First Resurrection; do you think this represents the 100?

        Or am I totally off base.

        Thanks for your Good Works in The Lord, showing His Truths from the Scriptures.       

        Regards, George.

        Dear George:  I will give you an "A" for thinking, but I do not believe that your explanation follows true to Scripture. Jesus did not say that His Elect would produce, "thirtyfold, and THEN, sixtyfold, and THEN a hundredfold."  Let's read it:

        Mat 13:8 But1161 other243 fell4098 into1909 good2570 ground,1093 and2532 brought forth1325 fruit,2590 some37 39, 3303 a hundredfold,1540, (1161) some3739 sixtyfold,1835, (1161) some3739 thirtyfold.5144

        I left  Strong's numbers in this verse for a purpose.  First, Jesus STARTS with  "a hundredfold," He does not end up with a hundredfold.  Second, notice that "some" brought forth a hundredfold, and SOME [some OTHER ones, for this Greek word means both "some" and "others"] sixtyfold, SOME thirtyfold.  The "some" and the "others" are NOT the same ones. Hope this helps your understanding.  Also Jesus promised some would rule five cities and other (different other ones) would rule ten cities.

        God be with you,

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