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Author Topic: Hell  (Read 1728 times)

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« on: March 18, 2008, 08:58:36 PM »

Dear Mr. Smith,
I just read your remarkable dismantling of John Hagee's sermon on Hell, and felt compelled to write.  Sixteen years ago, I left the church and essentially renounced my faith because, after years of Bible study, I felt there were a number of contradictions between what scripture taught and what the church taught, and no one could answer my questions.  One of these issues was the "doctrine" of Hell and eternal torment, something I just could NOT believe in.  I talked to my pastor, elders in my church, and a close friend and brother in Christ who had just graduated from seminary, and no one could offer any better insight than the old "well, God's mind is beyond us and we can't expect to understand everything" chestnut.  I was even told by one elder/friend with whom I was in a Bible study group that the group would prefer that I shut up about this stuff because I was hindering, rather than helping, the cause of building up their faith.  Shortly thereafter, I quit the study group and the church as well, convinced that it was pointless and inappropriate for me to remain.
So I'm writing to thank you for your amazing exegesis on this topic: you've managed to explain what no one else, unwittingly tethered to that horrendous doctrine, possibly could.  I don't see myself returning to church (it would still seem pointless and inappropriate), but I DO see myself returning to seeking God.  And that's enough.
Thank you for your time and your teaching.
M Kissinger
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