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Chastisements and judgements from our Father

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jerry cabral:
I guess the reason I asked as in another post I stated that I read a few things and seems to be the consessed now that Jesus Our Lord is God and the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  When they say God do they mean the Most High Father of our Lord, or Jesus the Son of the Most High so when someone says Jesus is God which God do they mean.   In the book of John, does Jesus confess that His Father is greater than Him as in John 14.
And I have read scripture, what to you believe, or rather confess.

I understand your question and that can be taken in many different ways.  The only way I can answer is from experience.  My baptism in the holy spirit gave me a new understanding that only I can understand.  This is the same for each of us.  It is something that I know, being given me, yet at same time how do I explain it to another.  Words can not describe the experience.  Jesus said if you have seen Him you have seen the Father.  Spiritually speaking they are one.  Same goes for us, when the spirit of truth has come in us, we are one with Jesus and the Father.  This same oneness is what we should have with fellow brothers and sisters.  When we come together with the mind of Christ, we each being different, yet at the same time are one.

Don't know if this helps any.  Sometimes it is hard to put into words what needs to be spoken.  I dont know the answer to everything.  Still a work in process.

God bless.



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