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Author Topic: I feel like a hypocrite  (Read 5632 times)

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I feel like a hypocrite
« on: April 19, 2008, 07:46:37 PM »

    Hello Mr. Smith. I'll make this short. I always had a hard time showing my feelings. When I talk to God it's like, it's not coming from my heart. I hear a lot of people saying they can feel the love coming out of there heart when talking to God. That's what I would love to have. I feel like a hypocrite. Giving lip service. I feel ashamed
                                                                    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  Dear Darren:
    I am sure that your problem which also effects many others, is a problem of faith (belief). If Jesus were sitting with you in your living room or bedroom, just five or six feet away, you would have zero problem speaking with Him.  But you do NOT see Him sitting or standing five or six feet from you. You may picture Him way way in outer space or in come uninviting secret chamber of Divine Holiness or whatever.  It is hard to try and speak with Someone in such a setting.  God is ever present RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.  He is closer to you than your own heart and lungs (Acts 17:27).  The song lyrics: "He is in the tree tops, so tall;  in the sparrow, so small," is Scripturally accurate.  You have to know that God is present at all times.  I never try to "send" my prayers into outer space or any such nonsense.  I whisper to God right where I am.  I talk to God (with reverence) in the same words and tones that I spe ak to my wi fe or best friends.  Did you ever take a car trip with a friend that lasted all day?  Do you have to "strain" to make conversation? Do you only talk about profound, deep, spiritual, things, with lofty words?  No, of course not, and neither should you pray to God in such a manner.
    God is your Father and Jesus is your Elder Brother and Saviour. TALK to them of your feelings, and your needs, and your desires, and your frustrations, and everything that is on your mind. When I awake each morning I pray for those coming to our site;  I pray for my web master and my best friends;  I pray for my wife and daughter;  I pray for wisdom and understanding;  I pray for humility--I pray for EVERYTHING THAT IS ON MY MIND!  I KNOW that God is (not there) but HERE, right where I am. If I thought for one moment that God was not hearing me and answering me and concerned over me and loving me--I wouldn't pray at all.  I do not pray as the Church does that God will "CHANGE HIS MIND" about things that are happening and make things better for me than He originally intended. I thank God that He NEVER EVER CHANGES HIS MIND.  There is great security in that profound truth.  God ALWAYS does things RIGHT the FIRST tim e around!!
    We must stop asking God to "get in tune with OUR WISHES," and begin asking God to "get us in tune WITH HIS WISHES!"  Remember always the words of our Lord:  "THY WILL be done...."
    And as Jesus Himself prayed in the garden, "NOT as I will but as THOU" (Matt. 26:39). There is nothing easier than to talk with a close friend. Jesus is OUR FRIEND and we are HIS FRIEND if we obey Him (John 15:14) .  I will pray for you that God will be as real to you as you are to you.
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