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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 4530 times)

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« on: May 02, 2008, 08:23:59 AM »

Dear Hudson:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your silly, silly email:

    From:  Hudson
    Hi Ray
    A commentary on tithe from South Africa:
    Why are you hiding your identity from the public. Most websites will have a picture of the minister and a detailed “About us” where the credentials would be posted. What church do you belong to? Who are your leaders who support your teaching?
    COMMENT:  I hardly think that putting my name at the top of our site and then putting it on the Worldwide Web, is "hiding my identity from the public."  Many ministries do not have a picture of "the minister."  And furthermore, I never claimed to be "the minister." I had a picture of myself on our site for years, until I started looking much much older than my picture. One day I will have another picture taken and posted just for you, Hudson.
    I don't belong to any institutionalized churches of men or their denominations. I am a member of "The Body of Christ which IS the Church."  There are no leaders who support my teaching.  The World Headquarters and Offices of consists of: First me, and then my Web Master, (Dennis Vogel), and then.......................and then there is.................well....there is no one else.
    There are nearly two dozen loyal supporters scattered around the world (most of whom I have never met) who make it possible for hundreds of thousands to hear the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have no one on a slary or payroll. I am a retired roofer living on social security.

    The very reason that you do not reply to e-mails anymore because you are receiving lots of them is deceptive.
    COMMENT:  Like the tens of thousands of detractors who have written me be you, Hudson, most of you statements are totally false and/or lies.  Actually I answered emails every day of the year, with the exception of the three days I leave town for Bible Conferences. I try to answer at least three to five hundred emails every single month of the year.  But I assure you I cannot answer them all, because I receive at least one email a day that would take three hours to three weeks to answer properly. You do the math.
     Should you be serving the Lord Jesus, as you claim, but sowing confusing about scripture and then stand far off and not account for your actions, is deception.
    COMMENT:  You know, Hudson, that statement comes pretty close to slander. There is little "confusing about the Scriptures" that I teach. Many thousands have written me, how for the first time in their Christian life, the Bible makes sense to them. There are hundreds if not thousands of such emails posted on our Forum. I give complete accountability for what I say, teach, write, and actions. And none of them is "deceptive." That is totally false.
     How can anyone trust anything you are saying if you don’t discuss your views?
    COMMENT:  Once more, Hudson, you lie. How is TWO THOUSANDS pages of Scriptural material on our site, not discussing my views?  HUH?  How is answering tens of thousands of emails, not discussing my views?
     If your views are flawless and is the truth that can save the world from “Crooked preachers”
    COMMENT:  Don't you be putting words in my mouth. I have never even hinted that my "views are flawless."  Nor have I ever suggested that I "can save the world from crooked preachers." You are out of line, Hudson.
    – why are standing far off and not preaching your message for all to hear?
    COMMENT:  We are reach approximately 50,000 new visitors each month. That is the very most that we are presently able to reach on our meager funds. Anyone on earth with a computer, can read the Truths of God at our web site. That is not exactly "standing far off and not preaching my message for all to hear," is it?  Well, is it?
    COMMENT:  I am a teacher.
    About tithing – The Law was given by Moses, but faith was found in Abraham. Abraham lived with God outside the law, God was his law. Now when Abraham tithed to Melchizedek he did this outside the law. Tithing was therefore not instituted by the Law of Moses but almost 500 years before Moses appeared, tithe was practiced. Reaping and sowing was also seen in Jacob before the Law appeared.
    If the Old Testament and the Law of Moses is old and of no effect to new Testament Christians, then all that happened before the Law was given is no good use, and tithe is one of them. The Law did not institute tithe but the faith of Abram did.
    COMMENT:  I'll not spend much time on such foolish and unscriptural nonsense. "Faith was found in Abraham."  Are you suggesting that Moses did NOT have faith?  "Abraham lived with God OUTSIDE THE LAW" [Cap emphasis mine].  Oh really?  Where do you come up with such unscriptural foolishness and heresy?

    Gen 26:5 "Because that Abraham OBEYED MY VOICE, and KEPT MY CHARGE, MY C-O-M-M-A-N-D-M-E-N-T-S, MY S-T-A-T-U-T-E-S, AND MY        L-A-W-S."
    Abraham didn't "institute tithing."  Abraham never tithed anything that was his own property or products of the land that he produced. He gave Melchizedek a tens of the spoils taken from the pagan idolatrous nation of Sodom. And one time only.  Next time I go to war with a pagan nation I will give some pagan priest a cut, fair enough?

    Jesus and Paul -  Both these never said much about tithe but none condemned it as useless. Jesus was strong condemning  Jewish traditions and sacrifices but did not condemn tithe. He even asked Peter to pay their temple money
    COMMENT:  Oh for crying out loud, Hudson. Give me a break, will you.  Did I ever say that "tithing was useless?"  Why would Jesus condemn tithing?  All Israel and Judah was living under the Law of Moses during Christ's ministry, OF COURSE THEY OBEYED THE LAW OF MOSES AND TITHED ON FARM AND PRODUCTS.  And what in the world does the "temple tax" have to do with "tithing farm products" according to the law of Moses?
    That's it, Hudson, no more. No more of this utter nonsense. I'm out of here............  I'm sorry if I embarrassed you with my comments. They are meant as a teaching tool for the millions that will come to our site and read the thousands of emails from Christian detractors, whose hearts are just filled with animosity toward the Word of God.  Thousands just marvel how Christians can be so mean-spirited, and yet so totally ignorant of the Scriptures at the same time.
    God be with you and help you,
    PS   A parting thought: I would be careful who you call a "bad rat," Hudson, as those words will come back to haunt you on your day in Judgment if you do not bitterly repent of them first.

    Lastly, you seemed to be very confused about the bible and how to interpret it. When asked about smoking and drinking your below passage refers:
    Wine and STRONGER drinks were permissible under the law of Moses:
    "And you shall bestow that money for whatsoever your soul lusts after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for STRONG DRINK..." (Deut. 14:26).
    Notice that even Paul (who sternly warned against "drunkenness"), that wine can be beneficial:  "Drink no longer water, but use A LITTLE wine [don't get DRUNK] for thy stomach's sake and your often [frequent] infirmities [sicknesses]" (I Tim. 5:23).
    Why are you referring to the Old Testament in your reply as according to you this does not constitute a real answer for a New Testament Christian? This is pure hypocrisy. Tithing cannot be used as a reference from the Old Testament but drinking can. Somebody needs to wake somebody up out there. I smell a bad rat.
    In God’s service Hudson
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