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Author Topic: Your the Man  (Read 3375 times)

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Your the Man
« on: May 23, 2008, 07:11:58 PM »

hey Ray, just felt the need to tell you some stuff. don't need to ask any questions, you're material is answering them all so far. just wanted to tell you that I am 45 and was born and raised a Mormon all my life. two years ago iwas studying these secret societys scull and bones, bohemian grove, and freemasonry. thats how I found out the church is false! All the symbols and rituals that the masons have.  Same as the lds church. I couldn't believe it. eyes, and pyramids, and pentagrams. the rituals that go on the temples are the same as the masons. Well I realized after more study that joseph smith was nothing but a charlatan. He got all that from them, not the other way around. I find out he was a mason!! All the years and I never knew that. I stopped going to church and paying tithing. did you know that masons are tithed too? And some mormons are masons too. Double the scam. Anyway , I didnt have a church. What was the truth. I had to pay tithing somewhere. Last week I picked up the bible and thought, I dont really know this book. they always tell you to read the book af mormon, doctrine and covenants, pearl of great price. All fabrications. What a waste of time. So I thought Im going to read every thing about tithing in the bible. I thought, man I got alot of work to do. I m starting all over!!! But I think the Lord said Terry needs some help. Think of all websites I could have went and went through. But the first one was wikpedia. how stupid thier conclusion of tithing was. If you're Christian and dont want to go to hell, you need to pay 23%. Can you believe that?  then I clicked on you're link there, and RICHES. I've read alot of you're stuff and I love It! I find no fault (tes, I admit I was looking for fault). But, you're reason and logic is undeniable Ray. You have done alot work, and are the tool that is lifting me back up. And you crack me up!! these people that just cant see it. Ijust read th e one on the trinity. and emails, That one guy just wants there to be three Gods in one. no matter what. I'm thinking, How could Ray have said and showed any simpler?  That poor girl who cant wait to see you roast in hell forever. WOW! Well Im just starting to experience what you been going through for I don't know how long. To my family I am an apostate that is lost forever.(if i dont come back). Itried to tell my dad the other day about the tithing info, because I was excited, I wanted him to check some of this out! But, Total anger, I was just trying to destroy his faith, not save him from a scam. So, It can be discouraging. But I am now happy. I cant convey to you how grateful I am for you're hard work and sacrifices. I am learning VOLUMES. And i am learning such humility. See, two or more years ago I couldn't learn anything from anybody else. I had the only true gospel on earth don't you know? How arrogant and exclusionary that church really is. But no different than the rest huh? Well I'll just have to carefully try to slip some of thse facts in to family when I can. Cause I want them to see. Got alot more of you're stuff to read. Godbless you Ray. And keep some of that sarcasm going, I't makes me laugh my head off!!!               
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