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Author Topic: Revival  (Read 5166 times)

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« on: May 31, 2008, 08:24:04 AM »

Dear Ray
I just wanted to say thank you and I pray that God blesses you, as I am sure He does.
I was brought up in the Catholic Church was converted to Christianity in 1982 and have gone from Christian Church to Christian Church and recently became a signed up member of a local church.  I love the people but all through the years and it is still here in my heart I have been saying to God, "what is wrong?  Please show me the truth" and  have been searching and today found your site.  I haven't been all around it yet but what I have read I like.  I know our opinions don't matter - the only thing that matters is God's word.
One very quick question - what about the revivals that are "breaking out" all over the world?  Is it the Holy Spirit?
Blessings in Jesus

    Dear Alice: I am thrilled that you are coming to see the Truths of God. But a word of caution: Don't look back.  What is it that they are teaching at all of these "revivals?"  Just what is the "bottom line" (sometimes unspoken) of their teaching?  Let me give it to you:  "Either you join our religious party or you will be tortured and burned in the fires of hell for ever and ever and ever and ever....  But remember, you have 'free will,' and therefore don't be intimidated by this threat of eternal torture in making your 'free choice.'"  What an evil CROCK.  But don't get me wrong, being "called" (many) out of the world into the Church, is the first step toward being selected as one of the Elect (the few). And therefore, ALL THINGS are of God, in that He is the Creator of all (Rom. 11:36).

    God be with you,

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