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Author Topic: Brilliant  (Read 2109 times)

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« on: June 17, 2008, 09:18:33 PM »


    ray ... all you have to say is that YES, God  made man  TO fall    by / in / through  man's   FREE  WILL  given to him  at his creation - by  his Creator  : so that God could offer man freely the CHOICE of  LIFE or DEATH  throug Jesus :
    that YES !  God knew that once man was given CHOICE  between good and evil ... the  world  would go to hell in a  handbasket and heartbeat : ( so to speak)
    and GOD knew this :  that free will and Choice cause as much chaos as  peace :   as much sin and good ! 
    but the chaos and the sin must ensue in order for PEACE and good to survive too !
    because without free will to make CHOICES  - man is just a GOOD robot :
    hence for the love of mankind : God did the ultimate sacrifice :  he gave man the free will to make their own choices - bad and GOOD : PEACE or chaos  -
    so that he would have some sons and daughters :
    for it is not his will that ANY should perish : but he knew that many and most ... would.
    SEE How easy and clear ?
    and what about tithing ?
    sure it's a sham  -  and I didn't even read  what I KNOW to be the long winded version of your paper on tithing :
    but Jesus makes it clear in Mathew 23 : 23 - " ye pay tithes  of  mint, anise,  and cumin ... ( food tithes)  not MONEY !
    Dueteronomy  26 : 12  -  says  ' that you tithe on your increase every third year : giving  tithes unto the levites, homeless widows etc - so that they may EAT :  again NOT MONEY - but food !
    AMOS  4 : 4 says  ' sacrifices every morning : tithes every three years  ( not mentioning MONEY again ) - so it must be 'food'
    and when you look up TITHE  TITHES and  TITHING  in STRONGS CONCORDENCE ... they  all  read   the same  thing  :  cattle, and food  ( which is food period ! )
    tithing was never about money :  at least in the Bible :    man made it about money as money began to overtake food in the latter years
    and the only reason I went to the web site was because my nephew asked me to check it out : but I never past the page where man malfunctioned :   
    to much  words and talking to say things that are so simple !   It gets boring !  sorry -
    Jesus  - just got to the point !   you make some good ones ... just awful awful SLOW.
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