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Author Topic: Please read this before joining and posting  (Read 47005 times)

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Dennis Vogel

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Please read this before joining and posting
« on: March 15, 2006, 10:48:02 AM »

Please read all of this before joining this forum:

A few days after you register you will receive a short questionnaire from a moderator emailed to the account you registered with.

Once you answer these questions a determination will be made to your membership status. You should receive a second email with our determination.

**Write down your password. The administrator has no way of retrieving your password.
**The forgot password feature does not work on this forum. Don't lose your password.

If after 7 days you have not logged in, your account will be deleted.

**Check your spam or junk mail folder. Sometimes our emails will get put in there by mistake***
If you don't hear from a moderator within 4 days then please email
Once you are a member and have logged into the forum at least one time, if you do not access the forum again (login) for 4 months (120 days), your account will be deleted, then you must rejoin.

Do not join if you only wish to promote or sell anything.


This forum and how it is moderated is different than most all religious based forums on the internet.

If you are considering joining this forum before reading and studying, please reconsider.
It's best to all involved if you take the time to familiarize yourself with the teaching of L.Ray Smith first.

This forum is primarily a place for people of a like mind to fellowship, and secondarily to discuss and question what they learn on

This is not the place to decide if you agree with the teaching of L.Ray Smith, but a place you can retreat to when you do.

If you seriously disagree with Ray, the members may be able to help you with understanding, but debate will not be tolerated.

If you come here to teach us, please take your teaching elsewhere.


NO POLITICS.  This forum is not to be used to share or debate political beliefs.

Please do not make sport of persons who email Ray.

No preaching (including preaching via links).

Links are not allowed if a site or article brings its own teaching or preaching.  Links are allowed if a site it just for fun or informational, ie, you tube, google translator, e-Sword, etc.

No using this forum as a recruiting ground to other forums, by pm's or public posting.

No inappropriate language or profanity allowed.

No name-calling.
This forum is moderated, if you feel you cannot accept the bounds of a limited forum then please donít join.  The moderators may not have the time to explain every decision to you on why a post was deleted, so don't expect it.

The moderators will generally try to remove posts before banning a member, donít take it personally. If you see your posts being removed then perhaps you should review what you are writing to make sure is goes along with the forum rules.  If you are asked to let a subject drop, or a particular subject is off limits then please abide by what the moderators ask. 

If you have a problem with a moderator, the way the forum is managed, or another user of the forum then address this through private mails.  Publicly airing your grievances could be grounds for banishment, and will get your post deleted.

Learn to use the private mail function.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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