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Author Topic: Comment  (Read 4650 times)

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« on: June 21, 2008, 10:33:38 PM »

Just to give a comment on your website.
I have been very interested to read your view on scriptures. already some of them have made me change my beliefs.
Example the tiths, they  have giving me another understanding. But that was just the first and smallest.
Many times when i try to read scriptures about eternal salvation and hell , all of my understanding, the scriptures and my personal faith and relation with God feels like..... (so hard to describe)
But tears are flowing down my cheeks i hardly can describe what it does to me.
It feels like everything i believe in everything i hold on to, is falling away, the only thing i can think of , and pray is God im so sorry and God i dont no what to believe anymore, just help me to love you and touch the people around me. Is there a hell, is there not?...what to tell the people.....
the only thing that feels secure under me is the faith and reliance in the end that God is good.
But it seems like all strength is flowing from me when i read about and think about a new understanding of scriptures regarding God and his creation......
Maybe i can best describe it as the first, or any man to space, they feel just so small and insignificant....thats the best way to describe it how i feel, thinking of those scriptures about hell and salvation and the scriptures about satan and evil being created....
i don't sense anything that it is false or something like that , just an overwhelming feeling of being drained and empty....
just (feeling tears again) ....tired....
Maybe you recognize a bit i'm trying to get over by mail. I just wondering do other people feel this way after coming to realize all that being thought and even teaching myself ....not knowing God....being so wrong....
Any way i pray that God may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to reveal all His (forgotten) truth from His heart...
and that I may understand even a small particle of His love towards men and myself.....
greetings David
(sorry for my English, its hard to describe feelings in a language not natively speaking...)

Dear David: Your English is just fine. And yes, we do understand what you feel.
God be with you,
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