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Author Topic: Enjoyed  (Read 1839 times)

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« on: June 28, 2008, 02:55:43 PM »

Dear wonderful servant of GOD,
You have truly blessed me with your website.  I have been released of so many fears of GOD that I had, by reading your articles.  First, I quit going to church because of tithing.  I am a single mother that does not receive child support.  I thought that I was TERRIBLE because I could not afford to give 10 percent of my salary.  I always felt ashamed when they passed around the offering plate and I could not give anything.  I have always felt that it is more important for me to LOVE everyone, but putting GOD first.  I could go on and on how your website has helped me but I am trying to keep my e-mail as short as possible.  I thank GOD for you.  You have really helped me understand things that come from GOD, not men.  I am now more confident than ever about being a servant of GOD, not man.  I will follow the 2 rules that Jesus gave us:  Love GOD with all our hearts and Love our neighbors.  To me, my neighbor inclu des everyone.  Thank you very much for providing this website at no cost.  I honestly appreciate you

Dear Amy:  Thank your for your email and encouraging words. We are glad that you have been helped and set free by the material on Bible-Truths.
God be with you,
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