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Author Topic: Surf Cocoa Beach  (Read 17947 times)

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Surf Cocoa Beach
« on: July 10, 2008, 08:47:33 AM »

Hi Ray,

You recently stated (and your wife confirmed) that there is no surf in Cocoa Beach...Then why is it called the "Surfing Capital Of East Florida"?

Here is a statement from

Cocoa Beach (Surfing Capital of Florida)
The gulf coast of Florida isn't really known for its surf.  Florida's east coast, however, attracts surfers from everywhere east of the Rockies.  The surfing capital of Florida's east coast is Cocoa Beach.  This little town hasn't been invaded by the condo kings yet.  There are still TONS of family-owned beach cottages.  Cocoa Beach is also a wonderful area to watch Space Shuttle launches from, too.    The photo included here of the shark in the wave is because your author actually saw this EXACT scene unfold in Cocoa Beach.  At first we saw two fins in the waves south of us, and we thought it was dolphins feeding and playing in the waves.  The fins weren't "porpoising " up & down like dolphins, however.  They remained out of the water for extended period of time and truly zigzagged their way up the coastline.  "SHARK!" we yelled to several waders and surfers in the water.  As it swam past us, we saw the exact same image that you see here.  She shark continued cruising northward up the beach.  Before it, surfers would come out of the water.  After it passed, they would reenter the waves!

Here is a picture of a shark inside a wave at Cocoa Beach:

Here is a link to many pics of Cocoa Beach Florida with LOTS of surf.


Dear Jeremy:  You are absolutely right. I was speaking from personal experience the few days that I have been at Cocoa Beach where there is almost zero surf. But yes, I have discovered on Monday that there is surfing at Cocoa beach, and there has been a lot of Shark attacks in that area over the years. I am still, however, trying to find evidence for a young man having his "leg ripped off" and a surf board being "bitten into halves."  So far I have talked with Cocoa Beach Fire Rescue, Lifeguard Station, the Library, Historical Society, Police Department, Chamber of Commerce, Public Safety Department, Health Depart, and Surf shops. Not one person knew of any such happening (some who lived in Cocoa Beach for over thirty years), nor did anyone believe such a story. Several stated that a nine foot shark could not bite a surf board in half. I will have my Web Master make the correction on the "surfing" aspect of my study.
Thank you.
God be with you,


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