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Author Topic: You think you are God!  (Read 2559 times)

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You think you are God!
« on: July 12, 2008, 01:06:06 PM »

The following I got from a forum of yours, and man... I could not believe the names that you give annointeds of God - who makes you the JUDGE! let them be, if they do something wrong, God Himself will sort them out!

My heart is sad to read your commends and the names you gave them - one christian (you) to another .... We are the body of Christ, needs to take care of one another, and pray for each other, like paul in the bible did, we must not speak like that of one another ...... I can only pray that God will forgive you for this.... DO NOT JUDGE!

Your comment on First fruit: There is not one single Scripture in the entirety of the Bible that commands, suggests, or hints that anyone should be giving these two-faced, lying, deceiving, hypercritical, widow robbing, worldly, materialistic, social climbing, vain, egotistical, morally bankrupt heretics, blasphemers, false prophets, scam artists, and religious charlatans, a single penny in the name of firstfruits, secondfruits, or any other kind of seed offering or money making scam!  These flim-flam, carnival barking, extortionists will all be "cast in prison" in Judgment and will not come out until they "...have paid [back] the UTTERMOST farthing [of fraudulent and extorted money]"  (Matt. 5:26).

So the answer is, "No, it's not Scriptural."

God be with you,


who makes you the judge  (I see the scripture on which you judge them and cast them - who makes you GOD ??????
I had a look on the web site, and man, it looks like you are a judge. Who gave you the right to judge other people (tithing, john hagee etc).
God is the one who judge, and in His word He says: do not touch My annointed! If God has called and annointed these people to preach to the whole earth the message of God, and He do it how he feels God wants him to do it, whether he use the wright translation (greek, hebrew... etc), who are you to judge him/them?
We all will stand before a white throne judgement - and God will be our only JUDGE!
Please, do not judge the annointed of God.
Be sure that you bring people into the kingdom of God - God saved us/you, because He had someone else on His mind - do not go through life and judge people, but see that people can come into the kingdom, that Jesus may return for us!
If you feel so strongly that these people do not teach right etc., pray that God will be with them and that he Himself would refeal to them what is right/wrong - don't Judge, you don't have the right......

Actually, I thought I answered that lady's email question rather well.

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