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Author Topic: Stop Judging!  (Read 2412 times)

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Stop Judging!
« on: July 17, 2008, 06:05:38 PM »

    I stumbled across this on your website:
    "You put John 3:16 in the subject box. But, do you really BELIEVE John 3:16. As God so loved the WORLD--not just a small number or percentage of it, that He gave His own Son as a sacrifice to TAKE AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORD, why would God then NOT SAVE THEM? Or do you believe that man can "SAVE HIMSELF?" Or just maybe you don't really know WHAT you believe! "
    It's true that God so loved the world.... but, the world, as sinners, must come and accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour to receive eternity. Sooo, there will be people going to hell, those who does not accept Christ as Lord and saviour, those who reject Him!
    That is why: we as born again christians should go out into the world, and tell people about Christ, so that they may come to know God, repend of their ways and find eternal life!
    that is what you should "tell/teach" all those souls visiting your website!
    I read some of the articles on the site -  man, I can only pray that those people vissiting and asking all those questions, will not only do what you say, because it's not nice and not all of it is true, but that they will come to a place where they will depend on the Word of God and the Holy spirit to teach them, that is the only true/clean teaching they can depend on!
     I lastly want to say this 2 you - there is so many people vissiting your site, souls searching for God and meaning. Please don't talk bad/falsely about other teachers etc... Ask God to guide you to give these internet people the right Biblical correct answers. You have a huge task at hand on you - you are indirect liable for their souls - PLEASE GIVE what truely is biblical an STOP being a JUDGE on other preachers.
    we (ray, martie, john hagee etc..) all work in the kingdom, for one purpose only - to see the lost being saved, by the grace of GOD! WE ARE ALL LABOURERS IN HIS FIELD! stop Judging and do soul winning!

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