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Author Topic: Amazed  (Read 3735 times)

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« on: July 20, 2008, 12:35:59 PM »

hey Ray am soo much amazed by your messages and i just want to say God have sent you at the right time to deliever his People. Many are in total bondage, like i have been before i came across your WEB.SITE of TOTAL LIBERTY. Hallelujah l have not read all the materials or messages but you have already answered many of my questions that no one , not even the Bishop has ever tried to answer. Am born in Africa but live in Germany, claimed to be saved over 20 yrs but the doctrine of condemnation,lake of fire, tithes and offerings etc  torment soo many children of God Almighty. I believe with you that many preachers of heresy are threatening their followers with this misunderstanding of the doctrine. May God forgive them if they wonna repent.  May you continue to grow more healthy in Gods Wisdom and deliver many from this heresy doctrine. I stopped tithing after a conviction that i cant explain about 8 yrs ago but l never had any doctrine to support my conviction, i claimed to be filled with Holy Ghost but i had no power to stop sinning or doing wrong, is this not surely a contradiction of what they teach? It is surely, these men torment, curse and judge  the people of God, who made them Judge surely? Bro Ray how will the real TRUTH that GOD of heavens reveals to you reach my people in AFRICA, coz many don't have computer and cannot read English? Surprised Jane.

    Dear Jane:  Thank you for your email and kind words. I don't know how God will reach all of Africa or all of the world, but somehow, some day, it will happen. Not everyone has computers, but just about everyone will have TV's before long.

    God be with you,

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