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Author Topic: Conference  (Read 1916 times)

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« on: July 28, 2008, 08:52:34 AM »

Mr. Smith,
it's interesting to me that you don't use a title like Doctor, Bishop, Pastor, etc. One of my cousins married a man that won't even acknowledge us unless we address him as Bishop; and I can guarantee you that he isn't as knowledgeable as you are. But that's not why I writing. I would love to make the conference, but my work schedule may not allow me to. I pray that there will be a time I can make it - and bring my wife; which is the main reason I'm writing. I told my wife about your web site and she took offense to some of the information. So my question is: how do you break down 50 years of hearing something that you put so much faith into, and tell people they've been misinformed?

Dear Cliff:  Well, unfortunately, we are over-booked for our Nashville Conference even if you could make it. Perhaps another time.  So " do you break down 50 years of hearing something that your pt so much faith into, and tell people they've been misinformed?" you ask.  YOU DON'T.  Oh you can try, but in most cases it don't happen. You will, however, made enemies that you didn't know you had before. Most Christians are highly HIGHLY offended at the Truths of the Scriptures.  They reject it with every fiber of their being. Yet, on the other hand, when God opens one's mind, he will accept it usually almost instantly--it just seems to ring true to his ears.   Of the tens of thousands of detractors who have written me on how bad an heretic I am, and how wrong I am on the Scriptures, only 2 or possibly 3 have ever admitted error and asked forgiveness when I showed them how Scripturally wrong they were. Not very good odds, are they?
God be with you,

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