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Author Topic: Jewish Race?  (Read 5797 times)

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Jewish Race?
« on: August 01, 2008, 11:38:32 PM »

    Ray, maybe I missed seeing the answer to this question.  Is there a Jewish race of people?  I notice you use the word Jew in your commentary-WHY?  It's causing a lot of confusion in our society today.  Seems to me this is another mistranslation in our bibles.

    Dear William:  I am not sure I understand any of your questions completely. There may be a "race" of Jews today, but I suppose that neither I nor they know who they are.  Many of the Jewish religion (Judaism) are probably not Jewish by race. Some Jews by religion obviously are not, seeing that there are Jews of all races including black.  There are undoubtedly some Jews by race which are Christians or atheists.  And maybe many who claim to be Jewish by race may well be Jewish by race, if not 100 Jewish.  Names like Abraham Cohen are undoubtedly Jewish by race if indeed such a race does still exist.  Why do I use the word "Jew" in my writings? Because I comment on the Scriptures and Jew/Judah is used over one thousand times in Scripture.  After the Babylonian captivity virtually all people in Palestine and Jerusalem were called Jews. The Apostle Paul said he was a Jew, yet he was specifically from the tribe of Benjamin not Judah.  I am not sure how you thinking this is "causing a lot of confusion" in the world?  I think most of humanity could care less one way or the other concerning the race of Judah.  Too big a subject for an email, I'm afraid.
    God be with you,
    PS   All true converted Believers are "Jews" in spirit (Rom. 2:28).
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