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Author Topic: OUR PRAYERS ARE FOR YOU  (Read 4641 times)

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« on: August 12, 2008, 11:07:22 PM »

Hello Ray,  My Brother
     I do not expect you to answer this letter, I just wanted you to know a few things in my life that are important  to me and I know they will be to you. I first found Bible truths a few weeks ago and have been reading and study it regularly. My membership was and guess still is with the southern baptist but I am happy to say that I am now a new and growing member of the true Church. There has been so much happening these past several weeks in my life since I have begin studying the Bible seriously on my own and with the help from your site. I am so glad that I now understand and truly believe that there is no hell with eternal punishment for almost every one. Thank you, southern baptist for that stinking belief.
 I have been having a serious problem with one of your (or the bibles) teaching on free will. I just could not understand or truly believe it, but praise God I now get it as of today.  Wow! Changes every thing doesn't it. It truly show the love our Great God has for us. I am grateful now that I don't have free will and I understand what you mean by choices.
   One of the most exciting things that has happened in my life in the past few weeks is that my wife has now eagerly begin studying the bible and using your web site too. Talk about blessings!  We have found the forum and your recordings. I know that we both have problems ahead for I have five brothers and sisters with large family's. They all belong to the southern baptist church and strongly believe in hell. Several are pastors. I know that they will see the change in both of us. I don't intend to preach to them,  I don't have to try to save them from hell. But I can not lie about the treasure that we have found.
  There is so much more to say but I want too keep this short in case you do get to read it. I am about your age and I too had prostate cancer six years ago. I am still free from it, but understand that  it can return at any time. I am just thankful that I found your site when I did. It is hard to believe that I had been so wrong for so long. I now understand your your attitude toward all those preachers and the so called church.
  I and my wife both are praying for your health and that the lord grant you much more time to carry on his good work. Nevertheless His will be done in all things .
                                                                                        God Bless you
                                                                                 Roger and Brenda
Dear Roger and Brenda:
I am glad that you found our site and it is helping you. And thank you for your concern for my health. All prayers are greatly appreciated, I assure you.
God be with you,
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