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The second death!


nightmare sasuke:
I was thinking about the significance of the phrase "second death," and a thought popped in my head. Firstly, death can refer to physical death, spiritual death, or death to the flesh (as Paul said: I die everyday). I realized, moreover, what Jesus said:

Joh 12:24 Verily, verily, I am saying to you, If a kernel of grain, falling into the earth, should not be dying, it is remaining alone, yet if it should be dying, it is bringing forth much fruit."

The understanding I gained is this: those who are not chosen by the Lord in this life do not get the chance to die to their flesh (dying to the flesh in this life, is the first death), so they must die in the next life (the second death). It's called the second death because it does not happen in this life. It, however, does not refer to physical death as most carnal minds would assume, but death to the flesh, which all elect in this Earth must experience.

Post your opinions.

Your eyes are certainly being opened by the Father.  That is exactly how I see it as well, those that are not in the first ressurection will now get the opportunity to "die to the flesh".
Thanks for posting that.


nightmare sasuke:
Thanks. I wish John would have wrote "second grace," it would have caused less confusion.


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