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Author Topic: Church Teachings  (Read 2666 times)

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Church Teachings
« on: August 23, 2008, 08:55:55 PM »

 Thanks Ray,
I have been in anguish and frustration trying to reconcile the God
> of love spoken of in church with the eternal torture of my deceased
> parents and other loved ones that have died. I had turned away from
> the scriptures and the evangelical church in part due to a feeling of
> second class citizenship having been raised by two loving, sweet.
> pagan parents and partly due the feeling of condemnation that I have
> felt for not "saving" them while they were still alive. Also I have
> never fully understood the trinity and now I know why.( I also have
> something to reply with when I talk to Jews and Muslims. Thank God I
> don't have to fake my way through a phony understanding of such an
> unscriptural concept. )
> Sir, I have to tell you that after reading most of the articles on
> your web site and cross checking the scripture references on
> that something has "broken loose" in my heart. I feel free
> to share the Good News, for before I read your arguments I could
> never understand the Good News that" ..most of your dearest friends
> and family are going to hell to live in eternal agony and flame for
> ever and ever. Isn't that wonderful!!!!" Thanks be to God, the Father
> of our Lord Jesus Christ who has given his only begotten son as a
> sacrifice for the sin of the whole world. I hope that I will endure
> to the end now and receive my crown may you help many others regain
> their footing also.
>  Love in Christ,
> Mike

    Dear Mike:  Yea, ain't it great.  The Church has so poisoned the minds of billions to where they believe that they too should feel good about billions of friends, neighbors, and relatives burning in an eternal hell.  We all need conversion, don't we. So glad God has shown you the truth.

    God be with you,

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