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Author Topic: Satan Theory  (Read 5468 times)

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Satan Theory
« on: May 22, 2006, 09:49:11 AM »

          you state that God made satan deliberately to be His enemy, that he made Satan the way he is, then dont you think that since God made him to be like that then that it is naturally logical that it is not satan's fault that he is the way he he is and then by common sense it follows since he is not to blame for being evil and  that  he should not be punished for it in any way or form neither should he be punished for his actions because it is God that made him that way.On the one hand God made him to be evil then he is going to punish him for it.  The nature of the punishment is irrelevant here whether, it is eternal or not, but it is the fact that a punishment is occuring.                                                                                                                  Dont   you see that on this basis alone your whole theory falls to  pieces. How can a perfect and just being such as God punish someone who is blameless for being the way he is?

Dear Barry:
The Scriptural FACT that God created Satan, the Devil, that Old Serpent, the Dragon, is not "my theory" as you say. I have no "theories" regarding this matter. I believe what the Scriptures teach.  Satan is no more "blameless" as you state that you or I are "blameless." When someone sins, willingly, willfully, wantonly, knolwingly, with all his desires and from the deapth of his heart, SUCH AN ONE IS NOT BLAMELESS AND NEEDS JUDGMENT.
God be with you, Read Romans 9. Paul explains the problem with you question in this chapter.
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