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                              The Six Days Of Creation

I want to show you something very interesting, these are the things that require meditation and study. these things don’t just pop out at you on the first or the thirty or fortieth reading.

This person that I have been quoting from, all this nonsense. He says, ‘well there are those that say Genesis 1:1-2 happened ages before verse 3, they call it the gap theory.’ No actually the ‘gap theory’ is not that. But the fact of the matter is that you get a big period of time between verses 1-2 and verse 3. 

You know Moses informs us that the heavens were created at the same time as the earth and then he tells us in Exodus 20;

Exo 20:11  For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth…

They will tell you, ‘see it’s all the same thing. So the heavens and earth were made in the six days. In a portion of one of  the six days the earth was created. In a portion of those six days, because he tells us in Exodus “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth.” In Gen. we have “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” and if He made them in six days then it has got to be in one of those six days.’ Well I already showed you that the words are not “create” (Gen. 1:1) and “create” (Ex. 20:11), it’s “created” and “made.”

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created (H1254 - bara) the heaven and the earth.

Exo 20:11  For in six days the LORD made (H6213 - asah) heaven and earth

Everything was created from which He was then going to make, the raw materials if you will. 

Gen 1:31  Then God saw everything that He had made (asah), and, behold, it was very good.

Then when we read in verse 31 of all that God created for making, when He bara for asah, you see. He created for making, so He did not create the heavens and earth in six days. In six days He made the heavens and the earth as they now are, from what He had already created, millions or billions of years earlier in verse one. 

Now let me give you another very unique  proof to what was created and what wasn’t created in the six periods called yoms.

Gen 1:24  And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living (chay) creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.

Did you notice how He starts that off  “And God said”? Every time He is going to make something, from what He had already created, it says “And God said”… here’s what I’m going to do. He always starts it that way… here‘s what I‘m going to do. “And God said,” here’s what I’m going to do. 

When did that period, that He’s taking about doing something, when did it start? Well back up one verse to 23,  it says.

Gen 1:23  And the evening and the morning were the fifth day. v. 24  And God said…

Then we go into the creation of the sixth day. So what begins the sixth day? It’s between “And the evening and the morning were the fifth day,” that’s where it starts and then God said let it happen. That is the sixth day. 

Here is the end of the six yoms or the six creation times. The very last verse of the first chapter of the Bible, and how does it end? It ends with…

Gen 1:31  …And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

What began the sixth day? Verse 24 “And God said…”  So between what God said and the evening and the morning, that was the sixth day. There is nothing that happened in the sixth day before verse 24 and nothing that happened after verse 31, it’s got to be between there. The sixth day ended with the evening and the morning, that ends it, that is the sixth day. When did it begin? When “God said” in verse 24. Now we’re getting it.

Gen 1:23  And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.

That’s the end of the fifth day or the fifth yom or the fifth period of time. When did that fifth day of making begin? Verse 20, “And God said...”  Simple? There is a pattern here, we are talking Scripture. 

Gen 1:19  And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

This was the end of the forth day. When did it begin? Verse 14, “And God said…”

Gen 1:13  And the evening and the morning were the third day.

When did it begin? Verse 9, “And God said…” 

Gen 1:8  …And the evening and the morning were the second day.

Which began when? Verse 6, “And God said…”

Gen 1:5  …And the evening and the morning were the first day.

The ending of the first time. When did it begin? Verse 3, “And God said…” Where is verse 1 and 2? Before the six days. [Someone says, ‘It was there all the time.’] Bingo, it was there all the time. 

The six days only consist of what “God said” should take place during those periods of time. But in the beginning God had already created the heavens and the earth. The creation was finished from the foundation of the world. In verse 2 the earth was uninhabitable for humanity, tohu and bohu.

Gen 1:2  And the earth was without form (tohu), and void (bohu);

It had to be fashioned and He begins that fashioning with “And God said.” Verses 1 and 2 have nothing to do with the 6 creating times. Totally outside if that period. Can you see it? Okay. 

I’ll continue on with the meaning of ‘yom.’ Young earth creationist say, whenever yom is used with an ordinal or cardinal number, like first, second, one, two and so on, that it ALWAYS represents a 24 hour day… always. Not true.

Zec 14:6  And it shall come to pass in that day, that the light shall not be clear, nor dark:

“…that day,” this is referring to a certain period of time I reckon, like the day of the Lord or in that day.

Zec 14:7  But it shall be one day (yom)...

Same words used in Genesis 1.

v.7 …which shall be known to the LORD, not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light.
Zec 14:8  And it shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the former sea, and half of them toward the hinder sea: in summer and in winter shall it be.

“In summer and in winter,” you have whole seasons “in that day,” it says “one day.” So much for that unscriptural nonsense. So no, there is a cardinal - ordinal number, “one day” and it is going to be for seasons, that “one day.”

Had God meant evening and morning to have meant day and night, without even using the words day and night, He could have used the sunsets or something. You know from sunset to sunset was the second day and the third day and so on. 

But He uses this evening and morning and this has more profound meanings. We already read in this paper that this heretic said, ‘no where else in the Bible do we find evening and morning, it’s only here and it must represent a 24 hour solar period of time. No where else in the Bible is this used.’ Actually there are three times, I’ll show you one.

Psa 90:1  A Prayer of Moses the man of God. Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.
v. 2  Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever Thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God.
v. 3  Thou turnest man to destruction; and sayest, Return, ye children of men.
v. 4  For a thousand years in Thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.

It interesting that just these couple of verses brings in all this, the creation of the heavens and earth, a thousand years are as a day and so on, it’s all in there. 

v.5  Thou carriest them away as with a flood; they are as a sleep: in the morning they are like grass which groweth up.
v. 6  In the morning it flourisheth, and groweth up; in the evening it is cut down, and withereth.

What do we have here? This is what it is telling us in Genesis. Morning signifies order, light, birth, growth, progress. At night things get dark, gloomy, they become fizzy, you can’t see them anymore. It’s chaos to cosmos. 

Here He is using the evening and morning exactly into that context. In the morning they are like grass, but in the evening they are cut down. The morning is positive, growth and light. The evening it’s cut down, darkness and death. They say, ‘no where else in the Bible these words are used.’ Well you just read it didn’t you. Did it mean sunset? That a person is born at sunrise and he dies at sunset? Well yea, it can be used that way, but it could represent his whole life, not 24 hours. 

So here you see the symbolism of evening and morning portrayed perfectly. One has to do with progress and order and light and life. The other has to do with darkness and death. So we do have an example as to what these words mean, don’t we. 

So the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. Well you say can these days, these periods, these yoms, these times of making, can they be long periods of time? Of course. We have example after example in the Scripture. It can be any where from hours, to days, to weeks, to years or aions, ages. 

But what is the proof of the pudding? The proof in the pudding is when we examine the universe, that’s what they show. That these were long periods of time and no verse 1 and 2 are not part of the first day of refashioning the creation. They are not. We went through that, the evening and the morning was the sixth day,  “And God said” started that day. Day one was started when “God said,” not when “in the beginning.” God had already created the heavens and the earth. You got that all clear. 

That is one thing that you should learn from this conference and really let it stick. Verse 1 and 2 are outside of these six days of fashioning the earth. 

Exodus in the King James is wrong where it says “for in six days.” The word “in” is not there, they made it up and stuck it in there. “For six days the Lord made (the word is asah) heaven and earth.” (Gen. 20:11)

The word is asah. Asah is making, bara is creating. He had already created them in verse one. Now for six whole days He is asahing them into the fashion He wants them to be. 

I want to expand more upon this evening and morning as we just read in Psalms 90, having a much more profound meaning than sunset and sunrise. It has to do with bringing order out of chaos. Where we say cosmos, it means orderly. The cosmos is the orderly creation of the universe. 

Now when we look at the science of the universe we are going to see something about this evening and morning business, right out here in the open, right out here in the creation.

You know people like this person who wrote me and said, ‘maybe someday you will believe in Exodus, Ray.’ You know they parrot all the right words and all the right phrases and all the Scriptures, but where the tire meets the road they don’t believe a word of it. They deny it all.

Rom 1:18  For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men (Not all humanity, but those…), who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

That is not the Elect, okay. If you are holding the truths of God in unrighteousness, you are not one of God’s Elect.

Rom 1:19  Because that which may be known of God is manifest in (to or among) them; for God hath showed it unto them.
Rom 1:20  For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…

Why then do we deny everything that is made and say, ‘well yea I know it looks like this and the laws would have it be that way and yea my stupid argument contradicts those laws, but I believe the Grand Canyon was formed in one year.’ It is such nonsense. 

Listen Jesus Christ said, “Thy word is truth” (John 17:17). Paul says, “the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made” (Rom.1:20). Now that is true, that is a true statement. If you can not see these things, then they are not being clearly understood or seen by you.

When I look at the Grand Canyon and see six thousand feet of water laid strata… then try and convince me, at the end of a barrel of a 357 mag, that a flood laid every one of those layers down one after the other. In a violent turbulent flood that had ripped up the crust of the earth 3 to 5 miles deep? Now it is laid down in these beautiful patterns, where you can see one row after the other. It’s just total nonsense.

Then scientist look at things that are made, the Grand Canyon is made. That is something made, it is there to see. God decided one place on this earth I’m going to dig a big trench right through the middle of the strata a mile deep. Everybody can come from around the world and they can see what is down there, what is in the next layer and the next. How deep are they? Six hundred feet of Sandstone and so many hundred feet of Shell and so many hundred feet of something else, a mile deep. What is down there? Granite and what they can basement rock. 

They say, ‘it was all laid down in the flood.’ Is that what you see? You think there was a worldwide flood that killed everything and that is what you are seeing down there? Well where are the dead animals… where are their bones… where are their fossils? 

It is six thousand feet of water laid strata and there is not one mouse down there?  Not one rat, not one snake or fish. Higher up there is a few fish teeth. Not one dinosaur, in spite that these lying turkeys put up a wall in their museum and say it represents the Grand Canyon and then they stick dinosaur bones in it. They are lying deceitful frauds. Why do they do that? Because they have nothing, so they make it up, they lie, they fabricate and they fraud, because they despise the Word of God. They despise this verse here. So don’t tell me you love God, and the Word of God, when you despise everything that it says and you despise everything it shows you.  I don’t mean you here, I know you people are with me. I’m talking about those that be.

So this statement is true, that Jesus said “Thy Word is truth.” This is truth, the rocks out there do not lie. 

Those rocks I picked up yesterday (at the Wetumpka, Alabama crater site) aren’t like any rocks I have ever seen on a hill top or mountain top. They just look like pulverized mush made into different things and of course there are some quartz in there and so on. But that thing was caused by a meteorite, a big rock from outer space. I mean they are just pulverized, because that thing came in at forty thousand miles an hour. That is three times faster than a high powered rifle… that’s fast. When you consider a rock, one rock that’s a quarter of a mile in diameter hitting Wetumpka Alabama at forty thousand miles an hour…

You saw what happened to the jet that crashed in Pennsylvania. Well it was doing 590 miles per hour. Where is the plane? There is no plane. Then that poor woman pilot that was flying that passenger jet over the Everglades when those oxygen canisters caught fire, it put her into a straight drive into the Everglades. Where is that plane? They never found it. Over 500 miles per hour and that was thin aluminum. 

Now imagine solid rock a quarter of a mile in diameter and not hitting at 500 miles an hour, but forty thousand miles an hour. I mean it created it’s own little mountain chain over there. That’s power.

From the book  by Dr. Gerald L. Schroeder (in italic).

                        GENESIS AND THE BIG BANG
  [The discovery of harmony between modern science and the Bible]

He has a small chapter in here called Evening and Morning and taking order out of chaos. Genesis 1:31 says “And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good.” 

I showed that Onkelos translated Gen. 1:1 “In wisdom, God created the heavens and the earth.” Onkelos had his own translation on this too, rather than saying “God saw everything that He had made and behold it was very good (Gen. 1:31).” Here’s how he translates it and this is marvelous, this was a man 1850 years ago translated this verse. Now he knew something, he didn’t just make this up. “And God saw everything that He made and behold it was a unified order.” Well what was it before? Chaos. I showed you a chart of lakes and rivers and mountains and everything on the earth. The earth makes all those things.

The beginning was chaos, covered with water. With only slight variations in the order of the wording, the phrase in the six days of creation, is marked by the phrase “and there was evening and there was morning.” Commentaries for the opening chapter of Genesis have wondered at the appearance of the evening and morning sequence and the stated passage of each day close. This is especially true of the first few days of Genesis, when even according to a liberal reading of the text there was neither sun nor earth.

Did you ever realize that before? In the beginning God had already created the heavens and the earth. The heavens would have already included the sun and of course it included the earth. But there was no earth like we understand it. The word earth means ground anyway. There was no ground, it was covered with water and chaos. And the sun wasn’t shining, you get that on the fifth day. 

The sequence in which a day starts, beginning with the evening, follows the Biblical concept of a day. 

Then he talks about Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, they were to keep it from evening to evening. Because if you just say ‘keep it a day’ then you would keep it for the daylight portion of the day and then instead of fasting all night too, they would go out and binge. So God had to say it that way.   

Maimonides summarizes this thing about evening and morning by saying; On the earth both evening and morning are both always present. They are on the earth at every moment at ever changing places.  Where it is morning, in places opposite it is evening. 

It’s always evening and morning at the same time on the earth, at all times. 

This reveals quite an exact comprehension of the illumination of the sun’s light on a spherical earth at a time in history when mankind mostly in western humanity dreaded falling off the edge of the earth. 

Maimonides understood this, that the earth is a sphere and that it is sunrise and sunset at the same time always on the earth. It never goes away. You might say it turns around on it’s axes or whatever, but it is always there, it never leaves. It’s always sunset, it’s always sunrise and he had the sense to see that. 

Continuing with Schroeder.
The Hebrew for evening is ‘ereb’ and this is the literal meaning of the word, although the root of the word carries with it implications far beyond that of a setting sun. What is the visual sensation of an evening? Darkness begins, objects become obscured and blurred. The root of ereb means just that, mixed up, stirred together, disorderly.

The Hebrew for morning is ‘boqer’ it’s meaning is quite the opposite of ereb. Morning brings the first light, objects mingled by the dark of night become distinct entities. This is the root meaning of boqer; discernable, able to be distinguished, orderly.

It is interesting that Jesus Christ died and was buried in the evening. When did He rise? In the morning.

Had the text said that it was morning and then evening, our concept of a day might have been better satisfied.  But the sequence is included in here, it always starts with evening. There is a systematic flow of disorder, chaos or evening to order - cosmos, order or morning. To appreciate this rarity of flow of disorder to order we must at this point acquire more understanding of the laws of thermodynamics. Entropy, chaos, out of order. Not order out of chaos. The laws of thermodynamics that control the universe is bringing something that is orderly into disorder and chaos, everywhere always. 

Why would God do that? Why would He make something that by it’s very nature it starts to fall apart, break down and become unuseful? There is a spiritual lesson here.

The order that we see about us, the exquisite orchestration of inorganic chemical and organic molecules into a symphony of life is misleading, if we apply it to the universe as a whole.Those intricate and regular arrangements of matter, they are characteristic of life and stand in sharp contrast to the ever increasing chaos of the universe. A chaos that at times is referred to as the impending heat death of the universe. With each act it is as simple as sustaining a nuclear reaction or as complex as a parent tickling a giggling child. Some energy or some matter or transferred from an orderly state of potential usefulness to random chaotic state from which useful work can never again be drawn. 

Isn’t that amazing. This is what happens everywhere. Everywhere the universe is breaking down, hot thing are getting colder.

There are three law in science thermodynamics and they are valid in every condition in the universe ever observed by scientist. The first law states, that regardless of the reaction taking place within a closed system, the sum of the energy in that mass of the system remains the same. 

You could change things, but you can’t get rid of them or diminish them. You can burn a piece of wood and it will become fire, heat and smoke.  But you still got fire, heat and smoke or at least you’ve got heat and some smoke until it dissipated into some other thing. But it is still there, it has just soaked in and you don’t see it, but you have not totally destroyed it. 

When hot water is mixed with cold water in an insulated container, the hot gets cooler and the cool get warmer. But the total heat remains the same, it does not change. The molecules of the hot water are moving rapidly and randomly within the liquid. The molecules of the cold water are also moving randomly but more slowly. 

The speed of these molecular motions, the kinetic energy of the molecules is what determines temperature of an object, motion. Molecular motion is in fact what heat is. When these fast hot molecules are mixed with the slow moving molecules of the cold water, random collisions among the two groups distributed energy equally among them and they were all eventually in moderate motion. 

The first law of thermodynamics provides the ground work for what is the most relevant in our discussion. The simple way to remember the laws of thermodynamics is as follows. The first law states, you can’t win. The second law states, you can’t break even. The third law states, you can’t get out of the game. 

Having mixed a cup of hot water with the cold water there is no way we can now separate the now lukewarm molecules back into the two separate groups, every one hot and every one cold without the expenditure of more energy. With every action chemical, physical or nuclear as well, there is a decrease in the amount of energy or usefulness for future work. 

Within the myriads of stars of the universe, mass is being propelled out as radiate energy. The sum of the mass plus the energy of the universe remains unchanged. That is the first law of thermodynamics. But the cosmos potential to produce useful energy in the form of high temperature heat is ever diminishing and it is heading towards what we call the ultimate frigid temperature of minus 270 degrees centigrade.

That’s where all motion stops. There is no motion and there is no heat. Where there is no heat there is no motion and all molecules stop. 

The flow of heat from hot to cold is what provides the basis for work. Yet within a limited portion of the universe…

All this is going on every where in the universe. In the stars, in the planets and on the earth and under the earth and everywhere and everywhere else. 

And yet, within a limited portion of the universe highly ordered structures have appeared. We humans are the most extreme example of such local order. Our life systems or even those of the most simple celled bacteria or algae are so vastly complex, that one might question the validity of the second law of thermodynamics. Only when we view life processes in context with our environment does the overall increase in entropy become apparent.

You know how our body temperature is 98 degrees, yet if we are put in a room that is 98 degrees, we ought to be perfectly at home. But we are hot. So the body comes up with a way to create entropy, to cool it down. You perspire and it evaporates and it cools your body down.

Now comes the major psycho-physiologic question; If the universe trend is towards chaos, why is there order at all? 

If the basic laws of physics dictate that orderly things slow down, get colder, deteriorate and go from order to chaos, why is there order anywhere in the universe? It seems to defy the laws of thermodynamics, which work on everything, always everywhere.

The ordered complexities of life is clearly extraordinary. The universe might have remained the mass of randomly moving electrons, protons and assorted subatomic particles, present at that first speck of time referred to as “In the beginning.” If such were the case we would not be here to wonder about it or the overriding purpose of this flow of the universe from it’s state of the Big Bang to the form we observe today.

The Author of Genesis thought this flow towards order was sufficiently important and exceptional, to emphasize it at regular repartition, “and it was evening and there was morning.” 

Because everything else in science and in the universe goes the other way. But God is making this go contrary to that. Life is different. Life is special.

The compartmentalization of events of our Genesis, of the days bracketed by ereb and boqer, evening and morning is convenient for talking in the language of man, but the root meanings of the words hold the secrets.

There is a proverb, I don’t know exactly how it goes; the words of God are like apples of gold in a silver vessel. What does that mean? Well, what that means is the word of God are like golden apples, in a silver bowl. The silver bowl is what you read, what you see, what you observe in the literal sense, that’s the silver. But His real words are not the silver. The real words, the deep meaning behind all of that, those are the apples of gold inside the silver bowl. So inside the text of this Bible, the silver words, there are apples of gold. You will never learn it from heretics though.

In the beginning there was turmoil, a cosmos soup of highly concentrated energy and matter all mixed together. There was neither heavy elements ready to release the heat of the radio (capedecator?) nor energetic chemical complexes available to power the process of life. The temperature was ten to the power 32 Kelvin. 

Kelvin is a measurement of temperature where 0 is absolute zero, 340 million degrees below zero or whatever. In other words when all matter stops and nothing movies anymore.

With the expansion of the universe the energy concentration fall, temperatures dropped drastically.  As we have learned the average proton temperature today is a mere 3.5 degrees Kelvin. Entropy increased throughout the volume of the universe, but the increase was not uniformly distributed. At many places within the increasing volume of the universe’s local order was imposed on matter. But those basic properties instilled within all matter at the creation, the nuclear magnetic and gravitational forces. Matter started to join with matter, light and matter became distant.

In the beginning God had created the heavens and the earth and then down the road He said now let there be light. The light had to come out of this matter which was slowing down and growing colder.

The converging flow towards local centers of concentration produces high velocities and eventually high pressure. As the matter crashes towards a local center, both the velocities and pressure become pressed together as heat. Temperatures in the core rise at approximately a million degrees Kelvin. The velocity of the nucleus becomes superficially high to cause nuclear fusion on collision with the nuclei, hydrogen converts to helium, helium’s the heavier elements. In the process of fusion some of the mass converts to pure energy. A nuclear furnace has ignited… a star has been born.

Notice Genesis 1.

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God (HAD) created the heaven and the earth.

He created the heavens back in verse 1. In verse 5 He made the stars also, He made them out of what He already created.

The Big Bang puts it’s energy into spreading matter, gravity helps recover part of the energy by forming second and third generation hot spots, which we call stars. Life processes derive their power from the recycling of energy and matter. The Biblical text describes this localize progression from less order to more order as a flow from evening to morning. Or more accurately from ereb to boqer. 

Hundreds of years before the appearance of the Greek language, before the words chaos and cosmos was ever written this step by step progression towards the orderly world described by the subtle language, evening and morning. This is an ancient text that confirms this interpretation.

Onkelos that translates where it says everything “was very good” and he says everything was an “unified order.” At that point it was a unified order. What was it before? It was chaos, then every created period went from chaos to order… from chaos to order… from chaos to order until finally at the end of the six periods, everything was a unified order. That’s how God got rid of the chaos. God uses a process. Why does He use that process? Why does He do a lot of things? God does strange things. 

Onkelos perceived that a qualitative change in the nature of the universe had occurred. A change from disorder without the possibility of life, to order with life. 

There is a lot in that first chapter of Genesis, there is a lot in there.

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I was lying in bed about six months ago and I was thinking and meditating to God about this thing. I said there has got to be a way to show without going into all these isometric dating systems and formulas and calculating how much sodium is in the oceans and at what rate the earth is slowing down or the moon is going further away or the dust is accumulating on the moon, just all this nonsense. It’s all nonsense, because they hear something about something is doing something and they say, ‘oh wait a minute, if we run that back a billion years, then it would end up here and that can’t be.’ But it’s always false assumptions, false premises, bad math, pseudo science. I have checked out thousands of pages of material now, I know where of I speak. They have nothing… nothing. 

But God put it in my mind… impact craters!  But maybe you don’t know where I am going with that, but I knew in my mind, yes impact craters. There are impact craters on the earth! There couldn’t have been a global flood and the earth has got to be billions of years old.

That crater is about one mile across, a little more than a kilometer. They dated that to 49-50 thousand years ago. It had the destructive power of 150 nuclear bombs and this is a small crater, there are bigger ones.

The one in Chicxulub in the Yucatan is about 150 miles in diameter. It had the destructive power of 25,000 nuclear bombs. There are some bigger ones than that and many more. 

These rounded structures with a deep depression surrounded by a parapet of ejected stone and earth, millions of tons of finely pulverized silica, large quantities of iron globules ‘shale balls.’ And randomly mixed meteorite material, anomalies such as ‘shocked quartz,’ radiometric datable ‘melt rocks.’ Plus the absence of any naturally occurring volcanic rock in the vicinity. The reason that is important is that they would say, ‘this is an old dormant volcano.’ This proves that some of these structures were formed millions and billions of years ago.  How so? They radio date them. 

These rock melts contain radioactive elements which were set in motion at the time of the impact. All you need to do is find which appropriate method (I’m going through some of these methods this morning) to use to date the half life and then figure out backwards how long ago it was that it fall. This one 49,000 years ago. There are very few this early. There are almost none of any consequence in the late time of any human being. 

There was one in 1644 in the desert of Iraq and it’s about the size of a backyard swimming pool and that is 350 years old. But most of them are extremely old.

How does this prove there was no flood and the earth is billions of years old? Had there been a global flood… first of all if you can prove there was no global flood, then you have automatically prove that all the water laid sedimentary rock around the earth were not formed by a flood, if there was no flood. Therefore you have to account for how those strata gets laid down one, two and three miles thick, if no flood water laid them down, in one global flood at one time. That will take you back automatically millions/billions of years. 

When you do radiometric dating on these melt rocks and so on, that will tell you when this impact occurred. So had there been a global flood, there would be no remaining surface signs left. 

This one is only 50,000 years old.  And look at it, it looks like it could have hit there ten years ago. If there was a global flood for one solid year, with currents 150 mph and the deep was broken up. They say all the subterranean water was broken up (Gen. 7:11) and the earths crumbed and crushed and mixed together miles of strata in the earth crust. What do you think would have happened to that crater? [Someone says, It would have disappeared]  It would be so disappeared. Can you see that? A global flood 4300 years ago, it would have wiped out all traces of that crater. Yet there it is. There it is, proof that there was no flood 4300 years ago in Arizona or that crater would not be there.

Now they didn’t find but half a dozen or a dozen such craters around the world until recent times, that just stick out like a sore thumb. But now they keep finding more and more and more.

Friday I visited the impact crater in Wetumpka, Alabama (link to Wetumpka site http://www.wetumpkachamber.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=19&Itemid=41).   
It was only about 10 years ago that Alabama University or one of those in the geology department got funds and so on.  They did core drillings down from the parapet wall and they established once and for all, yes indeed this was an impact crater.   They dated it 83 million years ago, that impact crater hit. 

The ocean (at that time) was right there at Wetumpka. They are not sure if it hit on shore or out in the water slightly off shore, but right there is the dividing line. If you look at a topographical of Alabama or the United States you will see, it will be in yellow sweeping up there towards Wetumpka and Montgomery and they call that the Coastal plateau. That was all under water. Actually when you go back a little further than that, a couple of hundred million years ago and the ocean went all the way through the center of the United States and up to Canada, it was a giant waterway. It was maybe 800 miles wide, right through the middle of the United States. That was all ocean at one time. 

Then we have these large ones (craters). Now the reason they believe that Chicxulub in the Yucatan… you know where the Yucatan Peninsula is, there between South America and the United States. The reason they think that may be responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs is that they know from other ways of dating that the dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago. The Chicxulub impact crater dates to 65 millions years ago. So we not only have the extinction of the dinosaurs, we’ve got the smoking gun. So could an impact like that have destroyed all these huge beasts? Absolutely. 

Scientist don’t know because it is too mammoth and their calculation are too off the board kind of, but they estimate the power of that impact… But this one in Arizona was 150 nuclear bombs and they estimate that one was 25,000 nuclear bombs. They think that would have created a global winter, where the sun would have been blocked from all the dirt and debris. Listen when you blow a hole in the ground, you know 150 mile hole in the ground and just billions of tons of debris comes flying out, that is going to be a mess for a long time. That could have wiped out the dinosaurs.

Now there is a bigger one yet at the tip of South Africa and there is even a bigger one yet in northern Canada. The one in northern Canada I think is the oldest one dated, it dates to almost 2 billion years ago. It was a huge impact crater though, it’s 180-200 miles that the crater is or whatever. We are talking about a rock that is 10-15 miles in diameter, a rock hitting the earth at 40,000 mph.

I put in here these pictures, so you will get a little bit more of a picture of these shocked quartz and melt rocks, so you can see what it is they actually find.   

Iridium is an extremely rare element and you don’t fine it on earth hardly anywhere, but it does come from meteorites. They find that meteorites contain iridium and here you fine a huge layer of that stuff. They find it at different places around the world as it settles out of the atmosphere and that is a sure sign too. Where is that found? Right in between the Cretaceous and the Tertiary.

                                SEEING IS BELIEVING

The simple indisputable facts. If the largest impact craters were formed before man and Noah’s flood was global, then all impact surface structures would have been totally obliterated or covered over by such a flood.  We would not see a single one of them today, but we can see them today.

But if the largest impact craters were formed after Noah’s flood, then the size and magnitude of the larger ones would have since obliterated much of the human race during recorded history. Poisonous gases, dust and debris and global winters would have lasted for many years causing worldwide death and extinction. But there is no record of such worldwide famine and death in the recordings of man. 

Therefore the earth and large impact crater are very much older than man and there never was a global flood. There it is,  How do you get around that? These Dr. Alston, Dr. Bombardon, Dr Humphrey, they try to twist and distort all the formulas they want, until the cows come home. You can’t get around this. I saw an impact crater myself day before yesterday and I know how big it is. I know of what destructive forces they are and that was a tiny one. The Wetumpka crater was about three and a half miles in diameter and some of them go up to 150-200 miles in diameter. Now how many were there? They have now found, from my National Geographic of two months ago, showed the latest founding and they have now found 176 impact craters on the surface of the earth. 

Now young earth advocates say, ‘well if the earth is billions of years old and these meteorites have been crashing into the earth for millions and billions of years, how come they don’t find any subterranean impact craters?’ Well a few years back they had only found two, but you have to understand that when something is buried… take Wetumpka, which is three miles across, now buried it a mile under the ground… like if you opened up the ground and put it a mile under, what are the chances of anyone would ever find it? Who would ever drill a hole one mile deep around the town of Wetumpka Alabama? Who, for what? So the chances are infinitesimal that they would ever find one. But guess what? They do drill holes all over the world. For what? Oil. Do you know how many subterranean meteorite impact craters with shocked quartz, melt balls and all the things that prove that it was a crater? 130. So you add 130 subterranean to 176 terrestrial and you will have 300. So what does that represent of the total amount though… 1% maybe. 

[Question: Why are they subterranean?]  In other words they (meteorites) impacted the earth a million, five million, hundred million, two million or two and a half billion years ago and they have been covered over. You see this again is a major proof of the age of the earth. It is interesting to me, when you read in Genesis, “there was no man to till the soil (Gen. 2:5).” It says “ground,” the word is soil. Soil is manufactured by the earth and it takes a long long time. 

You have to have volcanoes build up mountains, then you have to have rain and wind and storms and glaciers and everything, chewing away and grinding it down to powder and distribute into the valleys. That is soil. Now you picture a mountain chain eroded away and filling the valleys, right. Well what happens when everything gets down to an equilibrium? The earth keeps building new mountains. 

What begins right here in this area of the country and goes all up into the New England states, the Appalachian Mountains. They are among the oldest mountains on earth. They think this may have been the oldest and tallest mountain chain on the planet, the Appalachian mountain. Maybe reaching 40-50 thousand feet, but they are wore down. They are worn down to where they are smooth and rolling now.

But the Rocky Mountains they have a lot of sharp jaggedy edges and uplifted huge displacements of rocks. I forget, but they are only a couple hundred million years old, they are youngsters. This earth is very very old.

So we know of 300 meteorite impact craters on and in the earth. Say we found 1%, we may have found more than 1% that is on the surface, because what they are finding now are more difficult to say for sure. First they go by a visual formation and then maybe it is or maybe it isn’t an impact crater.

The Ries meteorite impact crater in Germany, there are 15 little cities down in the bottom of this crater.  They have their own little mountain range around it.  It only about 15 miles, but it has 15 villages and cities in there just scattered all around.  Nobody ever dreamed that’s an impact crater.  They have done core drilling now and a meteorite caused that.  But it is worn pretty much down now.

So they will be finding less and less. But they will still keep finding them, especially using satellite technology and so on. But the last point I want to make in all this… so maybe in total there was, I don’t know, maybe 30,000 of these things that hit the earth or something. 

Before I forget of all the subterranean meteorites craters they have found, of 130 only one was smaller than the Barringer crater in Arizona. Only one was small, the other 129 were all larger. 

Well look at the moon it’s covered with impact craters, right. You’ve got impact craters on top of impact craters. You see a big impact crater, but what you don’t know is that probably a hundred are underneath that that one wiped out and now there is the big one. Now you get smaller ones and medium size ones inside the big crater and inside the craters crater and so on. The whole moon is totally pock marked with thousands of them. The moon is tiny compared to the earth. The moon is smaller, so 1) Less meteorites would hit the moon. 2) It has much smaller gravity, so less impact craters would be drawn into the moon than the earth.  So when you look at the moon you have to understand that the earth received many many times more impact craters than that. Any two or three of them would wipe out… if they hit all at the same time, on different parts of the earth, it could probably wipe out the entire population of the animal kingdom and if there were people too.

So the idea that the earth is 6000 years old and some how 30,000 giant impact craters with the destructive force of hundreds and thousands of megaton of nuclear bombs, all landed here, someplace between Adams creation and the flood? Because after the flood we have good documented history from all the major nations of the world. It’s nonsense! Why in the world can’t people see that this is nonsense. 

All these millions of young earth enthusiasts, trying to prove that God created the earth 6000 years ago in six days and that there was a global flood. Give it up! It’s nonsense, there is no proof for a young earth and a global flood. None! Not one proof, none! Not only that it is stupid and foolishness to try and come up with these theories. You’ve got millions and billions of tons of debris showing the strata from the impact craters.

Glen Martin, you know the one that graduated from The Institute For Creation Research and then he talked about his buddies, they became geologist. When they got out in the field, he said he ask him, ‘What is true, what did you learn in geology in The Institute For Creation Research? What did you learn that when you get out in the field and start working with this day to day, what did you find that is still true?’ Nothing! 

People have this giant horrible prejudice against science. Like science is of the devil. I mean this microphone, my clothing, books, computers, lights, air conditioners, automobiles, this is science. This is not satanic voodoo.  Lets get our thinking straight on some of this.

Are there atheistic evolutionist who try to provocate some stupid theories? How man evolved from a rock? Yes, but we are not talking about that, we are talking about sincere dedicated scientist that follow the scientific method, which is a very very concise protocol of how you do things to establish what is true and what’s not true. Are you with me? Okay. Alright there’s one, now here is another one. I only have one page on this one.

Now scientist have known about exploding stars and supernovas for many many many decades. However something happened interesting here.

                     How Old Is the Earth? By Merle Hertzler

Last night light arrived at your house from the distant stars. It must have taken a long time for that light to reach your house, for the stars are very far away and light travels at only 186,000 miles per second. Scientists tell us it would have taken billions of years for the light to have made that journey from the distant stars. If the light did indeed come from those stars, then the light left those stars billions of years ago. And if the light was traveling for billions of years, than the stars must be very old and the universe is very old.

Now that’s just as simple as it is. But that is a major problem for all these young earth heretics. So what do they do with it? They say, ‘Well yea, I mean today it takes that long, but when God created the stars and put them out there.  He created the light all ready here or part way in between.’ What? What kind of reasoning nonsense is that? You are going to use science, but then you turn science into a miracle, which goes against the science that you are trying to show. It’s just nonsense.

Some people will object to this conclusion and will tell me the universe is only 6000 years old, based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. 

No based on a literal interpretation of the Bible, it absolutely does not show that.

But if the universe and the stars are only 6000 years old and light appears to have taken billions of years to make that journey, how did that light manage to reach the earth?

Creationists have made several attempts to explain this problem. Some have questioned that the universe is really that big. If the stars are a lot closer to us than scientists claim, then the light would have had time to reach earth in 6000 years.

So how can scientists be so sure the stars are far away? Good question. Let’s look at one measurement that was made. On February 23, 1987, a supernova, which is a vast star explosion, was observed. It was known as SN 1987A. About eight months after the explosion was observed, reflections from the explosion were seen in a distant gas cloud ring that circled the supernova. The ring can be seen as an orange circle in the photo above. The reason the reflected light was delayed eight months was that it took time for the light to travel from the supernova to the distant gas clouds and then to reflect from there back to earth.

Here is the earth (bottom of illustration). So up here is a supernova star that explodes (top center), then you have gaseous material out here (circle around the supernova), around this thing in space. We don’t know how big or whatever, but it does encircle this supernova. Now light comes from this supernova towards the earth at 186,000 miles a second.

Now what happened was, in 1987 the light from that supernova reached the earth. This man was taking photos at about 2:00 in the morning at the observatory and apparently he didn’t pay attention to the last couple of photographs that were made and then he went to the dark room to develop them. One of the plates showed the starry sky like he knew he was photographing it, but there was this bright spot. He thought there was a problem with the development of the film.  But no, it didn’t look like a chemical problem, it just looked like it was a bright light there. He thought, ‘What the heck is that?’ It wasn’t there when he was looking through his telescope. Astronomers have the sky memorized and he said, ‘that is so bright that I should be able to see it outside.’ Then he realized what happened.

This star that had been there from times memorial and the night he took the photograph, he saw it as a supernova exploding. But it didn’t explode that night, it exploded 169,000 years ago and the light came to his observatory in February 1987, the light came to his telescope. So now this is an interesting thing, so they keep an eye on this. In other words they are seeing to first light… in other words they are looking back in history. They are actually seeing right now, what happened 169,000 ago. 

Low and behold eight months later they see something else. Not only did they see the bright star, they now see and orange halo out around the star. So there is this gas out there… So when this star exploded it sent it’s light toward the earth and it sent it’s light towards outer space, this way and that way in all directions and it hit that gas. When it hit that gas it illuminated it and reflected the light. So the light that hit the gas, they didn’t see that circle until eight months after he first saw the explosion, eight months later. So now we know it took eight months to go from here (the supernova) to here (the gas ring) and then be reflected back to the earth. So this light traveled from here to here (supernova to earth) and this light traveled from here to here (gas ring to earth) it had to go further. So we got all the direct light, but we also got some of the light that went in other directions and was reflected back too. But it took eight months to go from here to here (supernova to gas ring). 

So now all we need to do is a trigonometry triangulation, from here to here (supernova to gas ring) is eight months and back down to the earth, we can then do a triangulation and by this we can prove that it is 169,000 light years away. By simple mathematics. So you can’t deny that. That star is 169,000 light years from the earth and therefore that star has got to be at least 169,000 years old. But now we know that it’s not only 169,000 years old. It’s been 169,000 years since it blew up. So how many billions of years old was that star before it blew up? Are you following me? 

So is the earth 6000 years old? No no no no, there it is, absolute proof positive. There is nothing these young earthers can do with it, so what will they do? They will avoid it and pretend it never happened. They will say, ‘Well we are still working on that one.’ Or as Ken Holden (?) would say, ‘I don’t think all the results are in yet.’ Well Ken got 10 years in the big pen to meditate on all his lies and deceitfulness.

                                      THE PYRAMIDS

Alright I have one more. How do the pyramids prove that there never was a global flood and that the earth is billions of years old? How? Can somebody tell me? Okay, I only came up with this one about three weeks ago. I came up with the meteorite impact crater more than a half a year ago. Now how so the pyramids? Well the pyramids really are pretty close to the time of the traditional date of Noah’s flood. 

The Step Pyramid was built in 2750 BC and the Great Pyramid was built about 2560 BC. Now the traditional time of the flood is 2348 BC, so the Great Pyramid is at least 200 years before the flood. The Step Pyramid, it is a little more eroded it was not built as well, because they got better with it as they went, it’s about 400 years before the flood. So if there were a global flood 200-400 years after the main pyramids and of course there are numerous other ones, why are they still standing? Anybody know? [Answer: Because they were built good.] Well yea, but we are talking about a flood that would tear up mountain ranges. [Answer: There wasn’t no global flood] Amen brother, there you go, there was no global flood.

So a couple of things here, I’ve got this one really book ended. Not only didn’t the flood wipe them away, there is no flood damage! You know what I mean, there was no flood damage on these pyramids. These things are not totally water tight and if there had been a flood rocking around for a whole year and all that sea water would be seeping down into all the chambers an stuff. There is no sea water down in those chambers. You know there is a lot they haven’t found yet around the pyramids. The pyramids was a huge religious complex of buildings and canals and so on. The boats came off the Nile river and came right up to the pyramids. Oh yea, you could drive a boat right up to the pyramids, they had canals. 

About 30 years ago they found this one chamber, out from the pyramid built down  in this big rock vault. They didn’t know what was in there, they did soundings and they found it was hollow, so there was something in there. They finally drilled a hole about as big as your thumb and put a tiny camera down, it was a big room. Finally they opened it up and there was a dismantled ship in there and they put it together. A whole ship, dismantled all piled up very neatly in that vault. So who knows what else is all under there. 

But that thing was not suffering from any consequences of so many thousands of years of sea water or something being down there. So if there were a flood in 2348BC it would have destroyed or certainly badly damaged the pyramids. It did not. Nor is there any record in Egypt that there was a flood that destroyed or badly damaged the pyramids. So I think it goes without saying that there was not a global flood after the pyramids. Yet the date is centuries after the pyramids.

So somebody suggested that they were built good. So let’s say that maybe it flooded Egypt and just didn’t knock them down. You know like the flood rose up in other parts and carved out the Grand Canyon, like a million scoop shovels. But over there maybe it just moved the sand around a little bit and didn’t do any damage and the pyramids survived the flood.  Now what is wrong with that scenario? Well if it didn’t damage the pyramids how did it lay down 1-3 miles of water laid sentiment underneath the pyramids? Did God lift the pyramids up in the sky and totally destroy the land one, two, three miles deep and laid it back down in the course of a whole year and all these water laid strata and then gently put the pyramids back on top? Either it had to totally obliterate the pyramids, which it did not or we would have to account for all this water laid strata, which if it had come through a flood, there would not still be any pyramids standing on top of it. Can’t you easily see that? You can not both preserve the pyramids from being destroyed and yet totally wipe out three miles of strata underneath it and relay it over the course of a year and all of the stratification layers we find. You can not have both. But we have the pyramids and we have the strata underneath. 

You can dig holes down under areas of the pyramids and you will find the same basic geological strata columns that you find everywhere else around the world. Those columns are pretty much laid down by water and not by any global flood.  But at different places at different times over many millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and billions of years of plate tectonic movement and continent movement and mountain building and erosion and so on. In billions of years all of those layers were accumulated. It could not have been done by a flood. It absolutely was not done by a flood. Because we have some ‘markers’ we put on top and they said, ‘okay when the flood comes we’ll see what it does with our ‘markers.’ Oh they are still there.’ 

So those are three ways that you don’t need to know a lot of technical stuff about anything and you can know that this earth is millions and billions of years old and there never was a global flood. Now there was a flood and we are going to talk about that, but it was not global. 

Now one other possibility for this, if only the Great Pyramid is 200 years off, the Step Pyramids 400 years. What if they are all off a few hundred years? Maybe the pyramids were made a little more resent and maybe the flood was a little more early… possibility? Maybe the flood came before 2348, maybe it came around 2770 or something. Well it would have to come a lot earlier than that, because it takes a long time to build the pyramids.  But lets give them a 100 years to build the pyramids and maybe it’s not 2348, but maybe it’s 2800 BC and then after the flood the Egyptians built the pyramids.  It was one of the first things they did, built the pyramids. So we would have a global flood and we would have all the strata accounted for and we would have the pyramids still intact, right. Is there a problem with that? 

[Answer: There would be nobody there to build them, they would be all dead.] Well now that is a good point. Noah might say, ‘kids let get together and we are going to start raising big families over there in Egypt and I think in about, oh I don’t know, about 500 or 1000 years will have enough laborers we can build pyramids.’ That wouldn’t work would it, because then we would have the pyramids being built about 1044 BC when King David was reigning over Jerusalem. That won’t work at all. They would be building the Pyramids 500 years after the children of Israel were slaves down there.

There would be no people who would have built the pyramids. He was over in Mesopotamia some where, Noah and his boys. Then they built the tower of Babel, they didn‘t build pyramids. There is nobody to build the pyramids. 

Well let’s push this thing a little further, maybe the pyramids were built two three or four hundred years later. There is still a problem, there is still a insurmountable problem and I’ll tell you what it is.

With all the architectural Egyptology work going on in Egypt in the last one or two hundred years they have discovered a lot of stuff. They have the kings list pretty complete now, they have the first Dynasty beginning in 3050-2857 BC, Dynasty II: 2857-2705 and they have all the names (see list below) and all the dates of their reigns. All the way through the first dynasty, the second dynasty, the third dynasty that is then known as the Old Kingdom. Dynasty 4,5,6...

                                      With chronology


Dynasty I: 3050-2857

Horus Aha   Meni                              3050-3016
Horus Djer   Iti                                  3016-2970
Horus Wadji   Iterti?                           2970-2963
Horus Dewen   Khasti/Zemti?               2963-2949
Horus Andjib   Merpibia?                       2949-2897
Horus Semerkhet   Iri-Nebti                      2897-2889
Horus Qa'a   Qa'a-Nebti                          2889-2859
Horus Ba?   (sequence uncertain)   
Horus Seneferka   (sequence uncertain)     2859-2857
Horus [. . .]   (sequence uncertain)   

Dynasty II: 2857-2705

Horus Hetepsekhemw      Hetep-Nebty    2857-   
Horus Nebre                                              -2815
Horus Ninetjer            Ninetjer-Nebty     2815-2778
Horus Weneg?            Weneg-Nebty    2778-2772
Sened                                             2772-   
Nubnefer                                                -2751
Seth Peribsen                                    2751-2743
Horus Sekhemib             (-perenma'at)    2743-2732
Horus Khasekhem           (= same person as the next king)
Horus-Seth Khasekhemwy(-hetep-netjerwyimef)  2732-2705


Dynasty III: 2705-2630

Horus Nekhtza (Za)   Nebka I                     2705-2687
Horus Netjerikhet               (Djoser)            2687-2667
Horus Sekhemkhet             (Djeser-Teti)     2667-2660
Horus Khaba                                           2660-2654
Horus Qahedjet                  Huni                2654-2630

Dynasty IV: 2630-2524

Snefru                                                 2630-2606
(Khnum-)Khufwi            (Khufu/"Cheops")  2606-2583
Radjedef                         (Djedefre)       2583-2575
Khafre                         ("Chephren")        2575-2550
Nebka II                                                2550-2548
Menkaure   ("Mycerinus")                         2548-2530
Shepseskaf                                           2530-2526
[Interregnum?]                                      2526-2524

Dynasty V: 2524 2400

Userkaf                                             2524-2517
Sahure                                             2517-2505
Neferirkare I Kakai                                2505-2495
Shepseskare Izi?                                2495-2488
Neferefre   (Raneferef?)                        2488-2477
Niuserre Ini                                      2477-2466
Menkauhor Ikauhor                             2466-2458
Djedkare Izezi                                  2458-2430
Unis                                               2430-2400

Dynasty VI: 2400-2250?

Teti                                                  2400-2390
Pepi I                                                2390-   
Userkare                        (userper?)            -2382
Pepi I                        (again!)             2382-2361
Mernere I Nemtyemzaf                       2361-2355
Pepi II                                             2355-2261
Mernere II Nemtyemzaf                       2261-2260
Queen Nitocris                                   2260-2250?

Dynasty VII: 2250?-2230

Neferkare II . . . . .
Sekhemkare . . . . .
Netjerkare [Abydos] = Neitiqerti [Turin]
(sequence of rule uncertain).

Dynasty VIII: 2230-2213
Qakare Ibi                                       2222-2220
Neferkaure            (= Imhotep?)          2220-2216
Neferkauhor Kapuibi    (= Iti?)              2216-2214
Neferirkare II                                    2214-2213


Dynasty IX: 2213-ca. 2175

Meryibre Akhtoy   (= the first or second king?)    2213-   
. . . .            
Neferkare V           (= the third king?)          ca. 2185-   
. . . .                                                           -2175

Dynasty X: ca. 2175-ca. 2035

. . . .                                                       ca. 2075
Nebkaure Akhtoy   (father of Merikare?)         
Merikare             (contemporary with latter   ca. 2075      
                          part of reign of Wahankh Inyotef I)
These others cannot be dated even approximately:

Meri[. . .]re Akhtoy(different from "Merihathor" and founder of Dynasty X)
Wahkare Akhtoy      
Khui                   (on a fragment from Dara)   
Iytjenu                (part of a Dyn. X personal name from Saqqara)   

Dynasty XI: 2134-1991

Horus Tepi-'o            Mentuhotep I              2134-   
Horus Sehertawy            Inyotef I                       -2118
Horus Wahankh            Inyotef II                 2118-2069
Horus Nekhtnebtepnefer   Inyotef III               2069-2061
Horus Sankhibtawy                  \          
Horus Daikhasut     \                 \ Mentuhotep II      
Horus Nebhedjet    /Nebhepetre   /               2061-2010
Horus Sematawy               
Sankhkare            Mentuhotep III                 2010-1998
Qakare Inyotef IV           (sequence uncertain)         
Iyibre-Khent           (sequence uncertain)         
Nebtawyre            Mentuhotep IV                       -1991
                                                         TIME OF ABRAHAM


When we come to the old dynasty 3 Nebka I 2705-2687, that was the time of the Bent Pyramid was built during his reign. Then when we come down to the forth dynasty which is 2630-2524 and we have Khufu/“Cheops” and the Great Pyramid of Cheops and that was 2606-2583 that he reigned.   

In the sixth dynasty there was a Pharaoh called Pepi II he reigned from 2355-2261. How could Pepi have reigned from 2355 when seven years later there was Noah’s flood? Yet years later he is still reigning. The flood occurred in the middle of the reign of Pepi II of the VI dynasty of the Old Kingdom, right in the middle of his reign. It didn’t kill him, he reigned right through the flood. 

I take this list all the way down to 1991 BC to Mentuhotep IV and he reigned at the time of Abraham. Now Abraham is just this side of the flood. So if you are going to tell me that the pyramids were built after the flood, then that’s where they were, not knocked down. What are you going to do with a thousand years of perfectly documented history of the kings of Egypt? Some of these kings built them… Cheops built The Great Pyramid and we know when he reigned 2606-2583, that’s when he built The Great Pyramid of Cheops. The Bent Pyramid was built back in 2705 under the reign of Nebka I. 

So we know when the pyramids were built and we know who was reigning and it is unbroken for a thousand years. How are you going to cramp a thousand years of history, that occurred before the flood, into after the flood? Where are you going to put it? It’s like we take all the history from 1750-1850 in the United States and try to cram it in between 1850-1950 how are you going to cram a hundred years of American history in there, I mean it is just foolishness. So there is the proof.

There was no (global) flood, it would have destroyed the pyramids. But if it didn’t destroy the pyramids, then they would have had to be built after the flood. If they were built after the flood then you can’t cram a thousand years of history in there... a fully documented history. If they say there was a flood and they survived the flood then you can’t account for the two to three miles of strata underneath the pyramids. How was that water laid strata put down if the flood didn’t even destroy the pyramid, how did it put down two to three miles of strata underneath the pyramids, you see. I’ve got this thing book ended, there is no way around it. That is all the proof you will ever need.

Geologic ages in North America


Morris (in the Creation Museum and all that nonsense) and Parker (1987, p.163) writes: Now the geologic columns is an idea, not an actual series of rock layers. Nowhere do we find the complete sequence.

So they (young earthers) say, ‘It’s just a pike dream of evolutionist, there is no geologic column. They (evolutionist) will say it starts down in the pertramery and all these different layers; the Pennsylvanian, the Mississippian and all these geological you’ve got eras and epics and it is broken down in various ways and it only exist in the mind of these evolutionist. There is no place on earth when you can actually dig down in the ground and find all of these layers.’ 

Wrong pale face. They have now found dozens and dozens of places where you can find the entire… but granted it is not all the same everywhere. A great example is the Grand Canyon, it starts with the Kaibab Limestone and then it goes down from there one mile down to the bottom of the canyon until you hit granite. But there is two thousand feet of strata missing.

(click on pic for larger view)

You can see that there is three sections of rock (picture on right). The first is the Grand Canyon and you see how high that goes, but that is not the top of the earths geographical surface. That is what we call the Colorado plateau above the canyon walls and that was wiped off. There are a couple of thousand feet of strata wiped away and then another thousand dug down into the channel of the canyon. 

But if you go to other parts of the surrounding states, in Utah and places, you will pick up where to two stratas meet, the top strata of the canyon and one of the lower stratas still visible in that part of the country. You go up higher again and then you can pick up that same layer in another state and you can take it up another thousand or so. So if you put it all together and you drilled at an angle through the states, then you would hit almost all of the layers of the geologic column, even in that part of the country.

[Question: What happened to the strata above the surface (of the Grand Canyon)?] It’s been eroded away over the millions of years. There is also the possibilities that some layers of the column are laid down in some parts of the country and not in others. Because you have the shifting plat tectonics and shifting continents and various degrees of erosions in some parts of the northern hemisphere and you have glaciations. Glaciers can push whole mountains of dirt and level it off. You know now they are finding glacier marks in South America. They think there was a time, so many hundreds of millions of years ago, that the entire earth became a giant snow ball for a couple million years.

You have no idea how old this earth is. It is very old. When God speaks about the ancient hills, He is talking old.

So for that stupid fraudulent argument (There is no place on earth when you can actually dig down in the ground and find all of these layers.), well there are 25 locations here, all at different places around the world (notice dots on map below), where they have found the complete geologic columns. All ages and segments of the column. 

The Ghadames Basin in Libya
The Beni Mellal Basin in Morrocco
The Tunisian Basin in Tunisia
The Oman Interior Basin in Oman
The Western Desert Basin in Egypt
The Adana Basin in Turkey
The Iskenderun Basin in Turkey
The Moesian Platform in Bulgaria
The Carpathian Basin in Poland
The Baltic Basin in the USSR
The Yeniseiy-Khatanga Basin in the USSR
The Farah Basin in Afghanistan
The Helmand Basin in Afghanistan
The Yazd-Kerman-Tabas Basin in Iran
The Manhai-Subei Basin in China
The Jiuxi Basin China
The Tung t'in - Yuan Shui Basin China
The Tarim Basin China
The Szechwan Basin China
The Yukon-Porcupine Province Alaska
The Williston Basin in North Dakota
The Tampico Embayment Mexico
The Bogata Basin Colombia
The Bonaparte Basin, Australia
The Beaufort Sea Basin/McKenzie River Delta

Glen Morton(?) is one of my favorite writers on this, because he really believers the Bible and he spent 30 years in the oil field and he knows his stuff. Here is one location in North Dakota (list below) where they did a well drilling. It has all of the basic geologic stratas. Now in some place the strata may be ten feet thick and in other places two thousand feet thick. But here at a hundred foot they were still in the Tertiary. At 4900 feet Cretaceous, they call it Greenhorn. Then Cretaceous Mowry, then Cretaceous Inyan, then Rierdon, they have different names for it.  At 6000 feet Jurassic and at 7325 feet Triassic and at 7740 Pennsylvanian… Precambrian.

The W. H. Hunt Trust Estate Larson #1 will in Section 10 Township 148 N Range 101 W was drilled to 15,064 feet deep. This well was drilled just west of the outcrop of the Golden Valley formation and begins in the Tertiary Fort Union Formation. The various horizons described above were encountered at the following depths (Fm=formation; Grp=Group; Lm=Limestone):

Tertiary Ft. Union Fm ...............................100 feet
Cretaceous Greenhorn Fm .......….............4910 feet
Cretaceous Mowry Fm............................ 5370 feet
Cretaceous Inyan Kara Fm.......................5790 feet
Jurassic Rierdon Fm.................................6690 feet
Triassic Spearfish Fm...............................7325 feet
Permian Opeche Fm..................................7740 feet
Pennsylvanian Amsden Fm.......................7990 feet
Pennsylvanian Tyler Fm.........…................8245 feet
Mississippian Otter Fm.......……................8440 feet
Mississippian Kibbey Lm..........................8780 feet
Mississippian Charles Fm..........................8945 feet
Mississippian Mission Canyon Fm.…............9775 feet
Mississippian Lodgepole Fm.........…..........10255 feet
Devonian Bakken Fm...............................11085 feet
Devonian Birdbear Fm.............................11340 feet
Devonian Duperow Fm............................11422 feet
Devonian Souris River Fm.......…..............11832 feet
Devonian Dawson Bay Fm.......................12089 feet
Devonian Prairie Fm.................................12180 feet
Devonian Winnipegosis Grp......................12310 feet
Silurian Interlake Fm.................................12539 feet
Ordovician Stonewall Fm..........................13250 feet
Ordovician Red River Dolomite..................13630 feet
Ordovician Winnipeg Grp.........…..............14210 feet
Ordovician Black Island Fm....…................14355 feet
Cambrian Deadwood Fm.......…..................14445 feet
Precambrian………....................................14945 feet

Precambrian was before there was any kind of life forms, no bacteria or nothing. So there is just one well, it has those layer exactly like you would find in different charts in the geographic strata.


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