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Last year, I was a regional pastor at a church of 500+ members. I had been taught and did teach the 10% tithe for quite a few years.
One sunday as my wife and I were assisting a elderly widow home from church. She and I began discussing the tithe.  She then questioned me, "you know that being on a fixed income, with my rent and all, I'm unable to give 10% for a tithe, WILL GOD STILL ACCEPT ALL I HAVE TO GIVE?"  
Well, I can't even describe the conviction that I came under when she finished those words. I'm tearing up again as I type this now. It wasn't very long that I started re-thinking and re-studying the tithe message and found bible-truths.com off a google search.
After a lengthy time of study along with the constant convictions of the Holy Spirit through Ray's writings and plenty of prayer, I resigned all my positions and left the church.  As you might imagine, the Sr. Pastor felt as though I was under some sort of demonic control.
I continue a friendship with the Bishop and have had some insightful conversations. Why, just last week over lunch, he admitted to me that he didn't believe hell was forever. wow, that floored me coming from a pentecostal preacher! And so we agree to disagree on yet other points.
That's the reader's digest version, I'm still teaching to all who stop by but so far, the blind really are blind.

grace and peace

Welcome to the forum!

This is a great testimony! I'm sure that it is very hard to explain to your friends as to why you felt you had to step down as pastor.

God be with you!

Welcome Brother! That was a powerful testimony and I am sure many here will be praying for you and your family as this must be a difficult transition to experience, but the reward is infinite. I am very glad to see you here.


Interesting post, Doctn.  I am sure you have much to share to this forum with your previous experience.  Sure am glad He opened your eyes!  God bless you in your walk.

All of us, one time or the other must have our spiritual house, we built upon the sand coming a tumbling down.  It is an amazing process how God works in each of our lives, to draw us to the truth.

Thanks for sharing.



grace and peace unto you as well my friend.

Welcome and rest your spirit herein.

thank you for sharing your testimoney with us all



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