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Author Topic: Teaching Ray  (Read 6660 times)

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Teaching Ray
« on: May 23, 2006, 11:20:13 AM »

Of course. Soloman was the wisest man ever to grace the face of the earth except for Jesus Christ. Men of the Old Testament were saved just as we of the New Testament times are. We are saved through faith, just as Abraham was. As we look back in History to Christ, the men of the Old Testament looked forward in the future to Christ. The sacrifices that were made did not save man, they were really just a putting off of sin until Christ did come. All throughout the Old Testament God revealed Christ through prophecy. The tabernacle, and all of its surroundings, furniture, priestly robes, etc. all picture Christ in some way. The alter represents Christ's sacrificial death, the laver represents Him as the living water and cleanser of our sin. The Table of shewbread, bread of Life. Candlestick- light of the world. Incens e alter- our Great High Priest and intercessor. Mercy seat- merciful God. Manna- Jesus again as the Bread of Life and our sustenance, our Spiritual sustenance. Yes, Soloman knew about Christ. Did he know His name was to be Jesus, a form of the name Joshua? No. Men of the old testament knew Him as Immanuel, the Son of The Most High God. Do not think me ignorant, I am not trying to put you down or attack you. I am only trying to pursuade you to study your Bible spiritually as well as logically.  Dave

Dear Dave:

Your teachings are neither spiritual, nor logical, nor Scriptural. Perhaps you should study your bible a little more.

What did any of the ancient patriarchs know of "saving grace?"  Answer:  Nothing!  And why is that? Because: "For the LAW was given by Moses, but GRACE AND TRUTH came by Jesus Christ"  (John 1:18).  Grace did not come before Christ, hence: No one was saved before Christ.  "These ALL died in faith [how many? 'ALL.'] in faith [did they all have faith? Yes.  Are we 'saved by faith?'  NO--'By  GRACE ye are saved....' Eph. 2:8.  Did they nonetheless receive the promise of immortal life?  NO....] NOT having received the promises..." (Heb. 11:13).

Could not the Patriarchs receive salvation through the faith that they had BEFORE Jesus came to die for their sins?  NO.  No Patriarch will be saved except through God's chosen elect: "And these ALL [how many? 'ALL'] having obtained a good report through faith, received NOT THE PROMISES: God having provided some better thing for US, that THEY without US should NOT be made perfect [Gk: 'complete.']"  (Heb. 11:13 & 39-40).

Well then, if their faith and good report did not and cannot make them 'complete,' pray what can make them 'complete?'  Answer:  "And ye ['ye' believers in Jesus, not those who knew not Jesus and did not have Jesus live in them, and who were not 'crucified with Christ,' etc., etc., etc.]...and ye are COMPLETE [how?] IN  H-I-M  [JESUS]"  (Col. 2:10), etc., etc., etc.

Sometimes, Dave, it is also good to have a 'teacher' to help you understand the things that you miss by studying on your own.

God be with you,

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