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Author Topic: I'm Intrigued  (Read 2029 times)

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I'm Intrigued
« on: October 18, 2008, 11:54:29 AM »

it has been a constant struggle for me in my life, my fahers side of the family were catholic.and my mothers side were kentucky pentacostal. so you can imagine my constant conflict between the two, eventually i gravitated to the pentacostal side, even as a pre teen i noticed the hypocracy of the catholic particular the mary worship and praying to saints. i just knew even at that young age , this did not make sence.idol worship and having  other gods , i mean the entire church is based on breaking 2 commandments. as well as not honoring saturday as sabbath,most churches do not. but my pentacostol church did, untill they came up with the bright idea that sunday would be more conveinent  to attract new believers. needless to say i have become jaded, to say the least. i am now 37 years old and i have pretty much been church free for 10 years. i do miss the fellowship. but in my unwillingness to belong to any denomination i feel i have become clos er to god in this time. that being said , i agree with most things i have seen on this site. i still have to wrap my mind around the hell teaching. however i must say that has been one block ive had in relationship to god, you see that fire and brimstone torture teaching ive been tought my whole life, was one of those contradictions that has made me question my belief in god from time to time. im sure that would be satan's point. of course there is still independent study and conformation for me to do to make sure your not a wolf in sheeps clothing. but it seems you are for real on the surface. i will continue to enjoy the reading. thank you,- jason
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