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Author Topic: A Story  (Read 2779 times)

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A Story
« on: November 13, 2008, 05:43:32 PM »

Hello again Ray Smith.  I thank God for his soldiers such as yourself who stand to defend and represent the Gospel of Jesus in a real way.  I've been knowing of your gift and studying the info. for a few years now and I'm in total agreement.

I want to share with you two undeniable events that took place in my life.  The first one happened when I was about 10 years old, which I can remember as if it were yesterday.  It was night time and the streets were empty of people.  I was in a bedroom ALONE with the lights out playing John Madden on the Sega Genesis game system. To the left of me was the entrance door to this particular bedroom.  The adults were gathered together in the living room drinking, laughing, and doing what my people do sometimes in the projects/ghetto's.  The living room was actually the next room from the bedroom that I was in.  In front of me was th e colored TV which was my focus point, and I was really into this game.  I was sitting on the edge of a bed which was set in a horizontal position while I was facing the TV.  Behind me was a sealed tight closed window, and keep in mind the streets were quiet, no kids playing in the streets etc.  One more detail before I tell you my experience, the only entrances/exits in that room were the door at my left and the sealed tight closed window behind me.

As I was into the John Madden game, and I know better to swear that all that I tell you is true, this is real talk, I know better than to tell a lie for to gain nothing at all but shame.  As I was playing the game I heard close behind me a soft, gentle, whispering voices call my name 1 time saying, Sean.  Now I'm into this game so much that I just turned around, but I didn't see anyone or anything.  But you best believe my ears probably raised naturally helping me be more aware of my sense of hearin g.  Evidently what I heard wasn't too real to me as this...&n bsp; I continued to try to focus on this game until some seconds later I hear a 2nd time, Sean.  At that point I believe a rush of fear traveled through my soul making my heart speed up.  I turned around again and God is my only witness, I seen NOTHING, NO ONE, NADA.  10 year old Sean still hanging on.  I faced the TV again and a few seconds later... SEAN.  I dropped that game controller and ran out that room so fast and on that 3rd call I don't remember looking back.  This voice I already know by biblical evidence wasn't some dead relative or some other persons spirit calling from the unseen.  I believe as God has taught you to believe that the DEAD are DEAD and waiting in the unseen for resurrection and salvation.  Picture someone 4 to 5 feet behind you whispering your birth name, and you turn around and nobody's there to account for it.
Since that day I never heard t his voice again after 15 years, I'm now 25 and I know it's real what I heard.
I believe that this voices was the spirit of God calling my name.  I know this voices wasn't a voice that would be uncaring or aggressive.  It was a gentle breathy whisper.  Feel free to tell me what God may give you to interpret of this.

The other event was totally different.  I plan to explain it to you on another occasion and it happened maybe a year or two later from this event.  Again I'm now 25 and I didn't experience anything else like these every since.

        Dear Sean:  I have not a clue as to what or who you think you heard whispering your name when you were a child. I can assure, however, that it was not God. Maybe someone was hiding and playing a trick on you.
        God be with you,
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