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Author Topic: Out of Egypt  (Read 6273 times)

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Re: Out of Egypt
« Reply #40 on: November 25, 2008, 01:26:33 AM »

I would say let me throw my two cents in ,but i like 13 dollars having 37 cents. I would like to give a parable here, a man that haveth 2 eyes an 2 ears but haveth only one of these is like a man who writes a check that his donkey can,t cash.... I noticed the title of this topic is out of egypt ,sounds like to me sum here needs a GSP to get out (GODS SALVATION PLAN) PAY ATTENTION GRASS HOPPER  thought i would try to break the ice here put a smile on someones face tonight. now dont let me have to come back in here..... lol  luv ya,ll and B.T. NOW YA,LL PLAY PRETTY.  PEACE  RAY-RAY


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Re: Out of Egypt
« Reply #41 on: November 25, 2008, 01:35:35 AM »

Does that mean Watch more, Listen more, AND TALK LESS? Got it!! Or maybe TYPE less?
Well, I'M smiling! :D :D
Kathy ;)

Richard D

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Re: Out of Egypt
« Reply #42 on: November 25, 2008, 01:38:15 AM »


You are so brave.  I have been reading this thread, holding back tears and feeling physically ill because I have no where to go if I leave this forum.  However, the forum has become useless to me for the reasons you state in your post.  I am afraid (yes, I know it's a sin to be timid and fearful), I have so many questions regarding Ray's papers but I don't want to be "labeled" unteachable, or carnal or having idols of the heart (as we all do) and like you said, I have read them over and over and over and still don't see some of the things that Ray even says are so "simple".  I just say to myself, I guess God does not want me to see it yet.  When they asked why I wanted to join the forum this is what I said:

My reason for wanting to Join is that sometimes I have questions that I know Ray is too busy to answer, so I thought I could get a better understanding on the Forum.

And they let me join.  Perhaps they shouldn't have.

Anyway Darren, thanks for you courage, I am sure I am not the only one that echoes your sentiments.



No where is it stated on this thread that it is wrong to ask questions.

From earlier:

"There is certainly nothing wrong with asking questions. What is a problem is if one asks questions seeking spiritual truths, given answers by multiple members, and then refusing to accept the truth as they only wanted an answer to fit their beliefs. These members seek to have the Word confirm their beliefs without realizing that it is us who need to be conformed to the doctrines of Christ [John 7:16].

We should never be fearful of asking a question...but we also cannot be fearful to look inward and realizing WE need to change and look to Christ for this."

What part of 'nothing wrong with asking questions' did you not understand?

'Holding back tears and being physically ill'? Did the scriptures referenced offend you so?


Hello brother Marques.

If you are wondering where Eileen might have got the impression she should not ask questions you might want to go back and read reply # 4 on your thread.

I believe you will find the answer there. I know you mean well my brother but itís just not practical what you ask. It will be after the resurrection when perfection comes to us all.

Iím not trying to upset you or hurt you or belittle your ideas, please go back and read what you are asking on reply # 4. Maybe the angels in heaven can do as you ask but not human being who are being made in the image of God who are still learning.

Youíre my brother in Christ and I love you as my brother in Christ and what you are asking is more than we or I can give IMHO.

What you ask sounds wonderful in a perfect world but we donít live in a perfect world, thatís the problem I see.

God bless you Marques and all I Ďm asking is that you think about what your saying.  I read your thread and I agree to disagree with the practicality of what you are asking and believe it to be harmful to those who might want to ask a question but won't out of fear of being ridiculed for not asking the right questions.

                                          In Gods's Love. Richard.

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Re: Out of Egypt
« Reply #43 on: November 25, 2008, 01:49:50 AM »

The original topic has been lost in the flood of personal feelings.  Time to move on folks.

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