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Author Topic: Evolution  (Read 5858 times)

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« on: May 29, 2006, 10:58:10 AM »

Hi Ray,
       I came across your reply regarding evolution and found it very soft indeed. I would of thought that as you were a self confessed believer in Jesus that you would defend creation as stated in Genesis.
     The theory of evolution which has been put forward to challenge Gods actions has very little substance and can be challenged in a number of subjects.
    As a Christian with a web site I would expect one would up hold the Christian principles of the Bible.
 Regards Tim

Dear Tim:  Just where have I not "upheld the principles of the Bible." QUOTE me..........
God be with you,

Hi Ray,
      Thanks for replying, I came across your views on evolution from you answers and question page. I found a reply on the topic there.
   It didn't really oppose evolution as a theory of our beginnings. As Christians including my self do not except or promote the views of evolution as the idea goes against what the bible teaches on the topic.
  I do though agree on your article on prayer, I found it very informative and worth while.
God bless Tim

Dear Tim:
From my email answer:
"BOTH his theories [Darwin's theories] were wrong!"
Does "BOTH his theories were WRONG" sound to you like I am "soft on Darwinian evolution?"
From my email answer:
"Does it [the way evolutionists falsely apply biological science] in any way prove that God did not create the universe, earth, and man upon it?"
Does that statement of mine sound like I am "soft on Darwinian evolution?"
God be with you,
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