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Matthew 5:27-30



I consider myself a Christian. I am from a Baptist background but you have opened my eyes and have challenged my heart to search the Word for this I am thankful. I read my bible from a different point of view now. In doing so would you please explain this scripture.

Matthew 5:27-30 in reference Jesus said it would be better to lose a part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.



Dear Lisa:

If you have noticed, I am writing a sereies on "HELL" in my Lake of Fire sereies. I have just posted Part C. The part, Part D will go through all these Scriptures in the New Testament regarding, Gehenna, hades,  unquenchable fires, etc. It will be posted later in Spring.

God be with you,


PS  Have you ever heard of ANYONE who teaches that Jesus' parables are literal, who has followed Christ's admonition of cutting off feet, hands and pluckng out eyes? Has any minister on EARTH ever done this to himself?  Then why do they teach that these parables are LITERAL?


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