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Author Topic: LAKE OF FIRE  (Read 4410 times)

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Dennis Vogel

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« on: March 19, 2006, 12:06:21 PM »

Greetings Mr. L. Ray Smith,

For the past week, I've been reading your work; LAKE OF FIRE PART V.  I read every word with my mouth open!  All the years of living with fear of going to hell, if I dont live right.  I'm a member of the Apostolic Church OF God, in Chicago, and my Bishop Arthur M. Brazier teachs that hell is a real place.  For some reason I believe your work, and I want to believe it, it is truly good  news!!  I just hope you can find the time to answer two questions for me; 1. Knowing the whole world will be saved, and there is no hell, what is judgement all about?  What is the reason for it?  2. Knowing there is no hell, what is the real meaning of Luke 16:22-31?  Thank you very much; I look forward to hearing from you.


Dear Deborah:

You as asking me to explain "The Judgment" in an email?  I have already written seven hundred pages in my "Lake of Fire" series which deals a lot with judgment, pluse I have written a separate paper on "Lazarus and the Rich man" which is forty pages long. Sorry, I cannot take the next couple of weeks to explain all this to you in an email. Read my site. All of your questions are answered there in great detail.

God be with you,

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