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Author Topic: Leavened/Unleavened  (Read 5261 times)

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Re: Leavened/Unleavened
« Reply #20 on: January 13, 2009, 03:05:53 AM »

It seems we get caught up in all the physical representations and keep going back
to them for understanding. While missing so much in Scripture because most live by
sight and not by Faith (unseen)

II Corinthians 4:18:
So long as we are not looking out for the visible things, but for the invisible; for, the
visible things, are temporary, whereas, the invisible, are age-abiding.

I Peter 1:8:
Whom, not having seen, ye love, on whom, though at present not looking, but believing,
ye exult with joy unspeakable and filled with glory, 

I John 4:20:
If one should say, I love God, and should be hating, his brother, false, is he; for, he that
doth not love his brother, whom he hath seen, God, whom he hath not seen, he cannot love!

george. ;D



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Re: Leavened/Unleavened
« Reply #21 on: January 17, 2009, 04:55:30 AM »

The faithful "Elect" are faithful to the end, till death, having endured their trials and tribulations and these "Elect" are gathered out from each generation since Paul. The judgement of the "Elect" began over 2000 years ago. This judgment that Paul says is the judgement on the House of God now is only going to conclude when all the "Elect" from each generation have been gathered and that the "Elect" FEW  that are still alive in the final generation will be changed in the twinkling of an eye to be caught up to meet Christ. The Day of Lord upon the world that has no faith when Christ returns with His Elect, then begins.

The Wheat and the Chaff trials and tribulations on the House of God now in Judgment, is still on! The separation between the Tares and the Wheat is the coming out of Babylon. God gathers His Wheat into His Barns and His Angels do the gathering and tying up of the Tares, the Babylonian Churches tied into over 3000 denominations!

When the separation between the Wheat and the Tares is complete, then Judgment on the World in the World final hour shall begin with wrath of Gods fire burning up the Tares and their works shall be burnt up. They shall escape with nothing to show for their lives and then they shall be saved, with nothing but by Mercy of God returning to correct and bring Judgment upon the World. The World will then begin to learn His Righteousness under His ~Government.

As I understand from what Ray teaches, we are all still in the Seventh Day but not all of us are in the "Rest" of God Today.  Only few can enter into the rest of God and find that peace the the world can not and does not know.  After  today ends, with few inside the rest of God now, will be concluded/ finalised/ no more to be added/ final in gathering/ and the many outside still contending and looking towards tomorrow shall enter the Judgement that is to come upon the world in The Day of The Lord.

 I think what Ray teaches is correct and other views, teachings etc,  are outside looking to figure out tomorrow.

Judgment that began in the time of Paul after Christ was resurrected is Judgement on the House of God now that will END. There will be a final in gathering and then the Day of the Lord shall begin.

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Re: Leavened/Unleavened
« Reply #22 on: January 17, 2009, 07:43:11 AM »


All that has been presented in this thread and much that RAY has presented for our enlightenment comes from reading and being familiar with the Old Testament and the commanded festivals that were being observed in Jesus' time.  Much of the confusion or lack of understanding among the churches of Babylon can be partly explained by the false tradition that the Old covenant is of little value to the New Testament church or NT believers.  Once the organized church became popular and added its traditions and tried to distance itself from any contact with Jews, the foundation was laid for confusion.

Of course the lack of God's spirit dwelling in the hearts of the people is of paramount importance, but so too is the hatred developed against any who would disagree with the power structure.  One lie leads to the next in order to cover the selfish power struggle.

As Ray says, we need to read the words and one can't get back to that careful reading when most of the OT is discounted as poetry and Jewish history and begats after tedious begats.  A humble, teachable attitude is very important and there is no short cut to immersing ourselves in scripture. 

I think we can see that much of the painful questioning on the forum results from sincere students hoping for quick answers to their questions and an understandable desire to skip over the difficult parts and get right to the interesting details of God's plan.  We are given quick glimpses to inspire us to dig deeper, but then we become impatient to know everything as soon as possible.  I think that is why we often get into difficulty with our friends and neighbors OR even BT forum members, when we try to convert them before God has given them eyes to see.

Just my view based on my own history.

Thanks for your interest.

Indiana Bob

judith collier

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Re: Leavened/Unleavened
« Reply #23 on: January 17, 2009, 06:58:53 PM »

Hi Indiana , wow, I was wondering why most of you spend so much time in the old testament and am beginning to see. I thought all of you were just reinvented Jehovah's Witnesses or Church of God recyclables. But I could see truth here and I do understand the spiritual when you explain it. In fact, since I have been reading the old testament(since I came here) I see Christ all over the place. I feel more comfortable now, still got aways to go but learning and I must be sort of spiritual or I would never have known(well, I didn't at the time) why the Lord called me Israel(very strongly) at one time and no denomination would answer me. I love being here and learning but I don't get enough done around the house lately, just what is absolutely neccessary and there is so much to do.  Love, Judy
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