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Dear Forum and Elect of God:

Thank you all who have been concerned and praying for my health and well-being.  And especially I thank those who have continued to contribute to the financial support of my extensive (and expensive) nutritional protocol.  I put off communicating with you sooner hoping that I could give you better news concerning my condition. I have been in considerable pain the past two months due to the matastisizing of the cancer in my bones. I have anywhere from a few to ten or twelve areas of my body that give me pain (neck, shoulders, arms, back, spine, hips, leg bones, jaw, etc.).  When one area subsides a little, another area becomes painful.  As most of you know my PSA went to 107 last summer (o.o is good, 4 raises concerns for most doctors).  My PSA is now an incredible 740! A primary goal was to get my body from acid to alkaline, as cancer does not survive well in an alkaline environment. Despite numerous tactics to boost the alkalinity of my body, it has not happened, although it is slightly higher than it was.  The cancer also causes its own acid condition, and mine is now spread throughout the whole body.

One medical doctor who is both a good friend and a patient of my naturopath, Dr. Jimmy Steger, commented that most men would alread by dead with a PSA of 740, and that Dr. Steger's strick nutritional protocol is the reason I am still alive. Another doctor told me the same.  I told several people this week, that God doesn't need a good nutritional plan to heal someone of any disease.  What I am doing is a good and needful thing to do, but as you can plainly see, it does not guarantee healing.  Sometimes God takes us all the way into the valley of death before He rescues us:  2Co 1:9 "But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God which raiseth the dead."  As Paul saw things, there was no escape--they were going to die!   But after all hope in self was gone, God then rescued Paul.

So don't lose faith!  We are to live by faith and not by sight.  I have many things I yet wish to teach and write about, but that is all in God's hands now.  Stay strong, and keep the faith.
God be with you all,


Members of the Forum:  Greetings to all, and Thank You for your prayers and continued support of

my cancer protocol.  I am humbled by the generousity and support of God's Chosen.  It makes life

a whole lot more tolerable under these present difficult conditions.  I am still working on 23Minutes

in Hell, by Bill Wiese.  I am having to contact many sources and buy some books in an attempt to

verify some of Bill's outlandish statements.


The real reason for me writing is that I have a few more 60-page bound copies of my 2009 Bible

Conference notes.  I would be happy to send them out to any who wish to receive one.  Unfortunately,

I have only a few left, so it must be "first come/first serve."  Just send me your complete name and

mailing address, and I will send them out as long as they last.


My email address is:   l.raysmith@comcast.net

Don't forget the (.) after the "l"

God be will all of you, always,


Dear Forum members and Elect of God:

Let me start by again thanking those who are contributing to the expense
of my cancer protocol.  I had a few bad months this Spring, but I am doing
better right now.  Although I did recently have excruciating pain in my ribs
for a few weeks, that too is some better right now.

Some doctors look at many of the discomforts that accompany a natural
food regimen with heavy doses of supplements, as a positive thing.  Even
severe pain can be a sign of the body healing.  Especially this appears to
be so when these pains diminish over time, as many of mine have.  So I
am not discouraged.  God knows what I need and how long I need it.

It is difficult to work and concentrate under such conditions, but I managed
to put in five to ten hours on most days.  My latest paper on Hell being a
Christian Hoax, and my critique of "23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese," is
complete.  I sent it to Harry Mill last week for proof reading.  When he is
finished, Dennis will give it a second read and format it for the largest
configuration of computers, seeing that many people have older models.

It will probably take another ten days or so before it is posted on our
home page.  Pray that it reaches a lot of people.  It contains much good
Scriptural teaching, and should be an inspiration for those whom God is
calling to understand His Word.

I have several other topics in mind to begin writing on very soon.  I am also
hoping to start having my in home Bible studies once again if I am able.
These will of course be video taped and posted on our site.
Till next time:  Keep the faith and stay strong.

God be with you all,

Dear Readers and Forum Members:

Not much has changed in my physical condition this past year, except
that my PSA starting rising again (nearly 200 points).  I feel better the
past two weeks, however, than I did the past eight to ten months.  Also
I cut down my Ibuprofen from 2,400 mg a day to about 800 mg a day,
and my morphine from 180 mg a day to 90 mg a day.

Although I haven't communicated very much this past year, I do think
about you always.  And I can't express my gratitude for those who are
aiding me financially with my treatment and supplement costs.  I believe
that there are four areas of our lives that can be the most trying:  [1] marital
problems, [2]  health problems, [3]  mental and spiritual problems, and [4]
financial problems.  Any one of those can potentially ruin a person's life and/or
render one useless.  The truth is, I am not really plagued by any of these.

I have a great, helpful, talented, smart, and loving wife.  My health problems
are serious and considered grave, however, this does not overwhelm me.  I
am not plagued by worry or doubts.  My faith has not diminished through this
trial.  I feel that I am sound-minded and have the Spirit of God.  And because
of the generous and loving support of our readers, I do not fret over finances.

I am a blessed guy!

I pray for all of you daily--those I know personally, and those I do not as yet know
personally.  There is no doubt about it--your prayers are sustaining me and keeping
me alive.  Prayer is a powerful thing.  When you feel inspired to pray, you should
know that it is because God desires to do something supernatural in the lives of
His people. And remember that when we pray according to His will, He answers
ALL of our prayers!

The past couple of weeks I have been able to get back to my writing.  I am
most occupied presently with a paper critiquing James Patrick Holding of the Tektonic
web site.  He has been trying to make sport of me for the past five years or so.
He fancies himself an expert on the Scriptures.  He calls me "Just another nut
in the fruitcake."  He is a mean-spirited show-off who is about to meet his match.
I am sure that he has no idea of how stupid and contradictory his arguments are.
Since people have been asking me to comment on his ridiculing of my writings, I
decided to give an answer to a couple of the most important topics he challenges.

I'll close for now, and try to communicate more frequently with you.  In the mean
time, may God be with you and bless you and yours,


Don't be afraid to write...

Dear Readers and Forum Members:

Judging from some emails, I believe many may think that I don't have
time to read your emails.  I DO.  I read all my emails.  I don't answer
them all, as many of them contain Scriptural questions that would take
hours (days) to answer properly.  This does not mean,however, that I
have no time to read your emails or even make short comments.  I enjoy
hearing from our readers and Forum Members, and I usually give short
answers to all those who write to me (unless it is a period where I am
really not feeling well), so if you desire to communicate anything to me,
don't hesitate.

I know that we all have spiritual and physical needs.  So if you have anything
you wish to communicate with me, don't think that your are bothering me--you
are not.  Your problems and aspirations are important to me, just as mine are
to you.  I can read and give short answers to a dozen emails easier than I can
answer just one "short" Bible question such as I received this week:  "Ray, could
you explain just what it will be like in the resurrection and the thousand year
reign of Jesus?"

I am desperately trying to get new material on our site, but reading your emails
is a diversion that is helpful to me rather than a hindrance to my writing.

God be with you all,



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