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Dear Forum and bible-truths readers:

It is an inspiration to me when I see how many people around the world are sincerely concerned about my health and well-being.
The only thing that bothers me about all this attention is that somehow my diseases and trials seem to take center stage, and
this I do not want to happen.  My trials and tribulations are no greater and certainly no more important than yours.  From time to
time I receive a message from someone who apologizes for writing me because they feel they are taking me away from more
important things.  There are no more important things than for me to know the state of our loyal readers and supporters.  Certainly
I cannot answer all of the e-mails I receive, especially those asking detailed questions regarding doctrine and prophecy.  But let
it be known that I read every single e-mail I receive, and it is not a burden, but a privilege. The day that I feel too important to read
your e-mails is the day I need to step aside from this ministry.

I pray for everyone who comes to our bible-truths site, but I don't know most of them--certainly not by name.  So if you are alone in
your little part of the world, and think no one really cares about your particular trials and tribulations, you are wrong.  If you think you
are not important enough to bother me with a message you would like to share with me, you are wrong.  It can take hours, days,
and even weeks to answer some of the questions I am asked, but it takes only minutes to read your e-mails.  I can't get involved in
giving marital advice, legal advice, medical advice, financial advice, etc., etc., but I can read your messages and ask God to intervene
in your life and give you peace and rest from your trials that are weighing you down and maybe even spiritually discouraging you. Our
readers support the financial burden of this ministry.  It is your advertising dollars that enable us to buy the services of the largest search
engines on the Internet. And it is the personal financial support of a few that enable me to continue my expensive cancer protocol. So
don't EVER think that I am too important or too busy to take an active interest in your personal needs.  I cannot personally solve most of
your problems, and many of them may be things in which God is testing you, and therefore will not be removed except in God's time.

This brings up another very important subject.  When many believers find themselves in trials and hardships, they often feel that they
must be doing something wrong, and that God is not please with them--maybe you believe God is even punishing you for your sins.
Let me tell you something:  in all these trials that I am personally going though the last couple of years, I have never once felt that God
is punishing me for my sins. Let's not forget the lesson of Job.  God did not assign Satan to crush Job with horrible diseases because
God wanted to get Job to repent of his sins. God was not punishing Job, He was TESTING Job, and guess what?  Job passed the
test.  God did not tell Eliphaz to sacrifice seven bullocks and seven rams for Job's sins, or for Job's short-comings, no, God told him
to sacrifice them for the sins of himself and his two friends.  The three of them condemned Job for doing wrong, when they could not
point to one single wrong that Job committed.  Job said to God: "Thou knowest that I am NOT WICKED; and there is none that can
deliver out of Thine hand" (Job 10:7).  Furthermore, God Himself stated that Job was "...a perfect and an upright man, one that fears
God and suns evil" (Job 1:8).

Certainly, if you are sinning or know that you are doing wrong, you need to repent of it and stop it, but if you know that your heart is
right with God, then sop persecuting yourself and thinking that your trials are signs of God's disfavor in your life.  And so, if you have
anything you  wish to share with me, be it trials and tribulations that over-burden you, or whether it be the goodness of God's blessings
in your life that you wish to share, then do it.  I will be privileged to pray to God for your needs, or to thank God for your blessings.

God be with you all,


Dear Forum and bible-truths readers:

I thought it time to give you all an update on what I am doing the past few months.  I feel
bad that I have not been able to produce very much since my last large paper on "Hell
is a Christian Hoax."  Just following my stringent cancer protocol requires a great deal
of time and energy.  I made a chart yesterday with about a dozen categories to help me
keep up with my schedule.  There is something to do or take about every 45 minutes of
the day.

Remarkably, my strict supplemental protocol and veggie diet has helped to get rid of a half
dozen diseases of the past including:  high blood pressure (now averaging 120 over 70),
high cholesterol (now normal), over-the-top high triglycerides (now normal), low good
cholesterol (now 50% higher than average), low grade kidney infection (now gone), run-
away diabetes under control. I haven't taken insulin for 18 months now.  Whereas my
glucose reading used to routinely go up to 2-300 it now averages around 90. So I am
making progress almost everywhere except with the prostate and bone cancer.

There is no doubt in my mind that God is keeping me alive and your prayers have not
been in vain.  I don't know how much longer I have, but I do know this, except for my
Naturopath, the other three doctors involved in my case (my hospice doctor, my family
physician, and my oncologist) cannot believe that I don't die.  They have been expecting
it for three and a half years now, and cannot believe that I am still alive. My family physician,
Dr. Sherman, told me last spring that none of them thought I would live past  January or
February of 2009.  The past few months have not been very good.  For nearly a month
now I have needed a cane to walk.  I presently have a half dozen places that are rather
painful, especially getting up and down and walking.

I wish I could get back to my in-home studies, regional Bible Conferences, and more
writing,  but I just haven't been up for the task. I do read a lot  and take notes (I have a
couple hundred pages), but nothing that is developing into a real article as yet.  I receive
emails weekly (just got another one today), in which someone will inquire as to when my
paper will be finished, and that they are eager to read it just as soon as it is finished. Well,
I'm sad to say I do not see a "finished date" in sight at the present time.  I hope you can all
understand.  I am making progress, but I'm not there yet.  Some things are just difficult to
understand in the Scriptures.

Peter said in II Pet. 3:15-16, "Our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom
given unto him has written unto you; as also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these
things; in which are SOME THINGS HARD TO BE UNDERSTOOD."  Let me echo Peter
by stating, "Our beloved GOD has also written unto you  SOME THINGS HARD TO BE

I did, however, decide to write a short paper on "Why Does God Love You," which was
something I have meditated on while doing study and research for my other paper. It is
now posted on our home page.  It is only 18 pages long, but even that was a real struggle
to finish, as I did a dozen rewrites on it before I turned it over to Harry (my proof reader)
and Dennis.  It was about ten pages longer, but I chopped it down thinking it was entirely
too long and didn't require that many pages to get the point across.   

Presently, both I and my wife are going through some major dental reconstruction.  About
five months ago my wife had to have all of her implants taken out.  She had 22 implants after
a bad auto accident 30 years ago in Germany. Her dentist said they did a wonderful job
especially going back 30 years, but that is about as long as implants can be expected to last.
The bone is no long able to hold them securely, which has caused her excruciating pain for
several years now.  She should get her new dentures in a couple of months (she will not be
getting any more implants, as her bones won't hold them, and the cost would be approximately

I have three cavities to fix and need a front tooth crown.  Also one tooth in a bridge started to
break up. Also while I'm at it, I am having all my exposed amalgam fillings removed, as this is
a major concern by all those who work with alternative cancer treatments.  I have just one more
session to complete all this.

It bothers me that everyone fusses over me and my trials, when the truth be known,  my wife often
suffers much more than I.  For approximately 15 years now, she has suffered with  RSD (Reflex
Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome), an excruciating pain disease of the central nervous system.

Since it is a rare disease, virtually no research has been done on it, and there is no known treatment,
only an attempt at pain management. Often she just winces from the sheer pain of this disease, but
she never complains and is always smiling. She has been on Oxycontin/Oxycodone for all those years
with doses as high as 200-300 mg per day (that's a lot).  My wife rarely sleeps more than one or two
hours a night, and a little during the day. So if you need someone to really pray for, pray for my wife!

I wish and pray for all of you to have a healthy and happy new year.  I pray that your trails do not over-
whelm you or frustrate you.  Most the time my wife and I joke and make light of our pains and trials.

I am able to enjoy my life in spite of everything.  I just have so much to be thankful for that it overpowers
the forces of darkness.  Don't be afraid to write me if you need a friend or word of encouragement. Let
me echo Peter one more time when he said: "Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have I give thee"
(Acts 3:6).  He then healed someone in the Name of Jesus.  God has not given me such a ministry, but
at times God has healed those I prayed for. I know people don't want to "bother" me, but encouraging a
friend in need is certainly no "bother" to me, and should it ever become such, is the time I need to hang
it up.  This holiday season is a time when millions feel lonely and depressed.  I hate that people need to
feel that way, so let me know if you're having a hard time

I just checked my e-mails and there are numerous comments already on my new paper--all positive.  I
hope this paper is helpful to you.  Check it out.  Till next time....

God be with you,


Greetings My Friends: 

As most of you know, back in December I woke up one morning and couldn't walk unassisted. I had to use a cane in order to walk. I had terrific pain in my left leg and hip. I wasn't sure where the pain was coming from, and my lower back also hurt.  As I have had a chronic condition in my lower back through most of my life, I thought that my leg and hip pain came from muscle spasms caused by pinched nerves in my lower back. So I found decided to let a chiropractor work on me for relief.  I went to a really nice man (Dr. Kaul) who agreed to see if he could improve the terrific pain than I was in.  Most chiropractors will not work on someone with widespread bone metastasizing as I have, fearing the possibility of breaking bones or vertebra.  My lower back pain got much better, however, my leg and hip pain continued unabated and even got worse to were I replaced my cane for a walker.  I continued to see my chiropractor several times a week throughout January, but got no improvement to his utter frustration in making any noticeable progress.  He advised me to see my family physician, Dr. Sherman, and take some more x-rays of that area, which I did last week.  While I was there Dr. Sherman gave me a cortisone shot in the side of my hip which we felt might have been the causing the severe pain.  It was not at all affective.  Dr. Sherman sent my x-rays over to the cancer center at Providence Hospital. We also drew blood for analysis.

Today I returned I returned to Dr. Sherman's office. The results of my blood work were disappointing to say the least.  Although I following my cancer protocol extremely carefully the past few months, things only have gotten worse.  My PSA is now risen to 675.  And the results of the cancer center examining more closely my x-rays found that my hip joint is cracked.  Dr. Sherman was at a loss to recommend anything positive in trying to treat the fracture, and he though that the prospect of healing itself was very slim considering the degree of bone cancer in the area of the fracture.  So that's where I am. I also hurt my help pretty bad just trying to get out of the car at the doctor's office, and now am in considerably more pain than I was for the past month. Before today I could sit still in certain positions with little pain, but now it hurts all the time, and walking with the walker is painful for every single step. Although Dr. Sherman held out no hope for me today, he did say that he is nonetheless at a total loss to understand while I am still alive. He remarked something like:  "Up until today you have defied all the odds against you."  He felt, however, that we are now getting closer to the end.

I had hoped to write the paper "Solving the Enigma of God" that I have been researching, but that is not going well under my present circumstances.

Yesterday evening I had a great conversation with a Delta Airline pilot who has been reading my site for over ten years now, but whom I had never spoken to before. It isn't often that I find someone who has been coming to our site for almost as long as we have been on the Internet. Hopefully there are more people out there who have come to a knowledge of the truth that we haven't heard from as yet.  At least I hope so, as they are the reason this ministry exists. In fact today, I had a short conversation with another man who came out of the WWCG and found us. He was all excited about our site, and since he sent me a letter and left his phone number, I called him. Anyway, I wondered how long he had been reading my material, as he seemed to be familiar with a number of my articles, so I asked how long ago he found our site?  Answer: Monday--three days ago!

I'll close for now.  It is becoming very apparent that my life is solely in the hands of our God. As I have stated so many times: If God wants me to live, I will live, and if not, well then not.

God be with you all,



Greetings Forum friends and readers around the world:

Just a note to say, Thank You !  for your heart-felt prayers and e-mails.
They are as Moises said, "good medicine."  I have stayed very still the
last couple of days so as to not aggravate my fracture.  If I don't move
very much I can sit fairly comfortably in my chair and do not have bad
pain while sitting.  I use my office high-back chair as it is the most
comfortable for my condition.  We moved it from my office to the living
room fire place where I can read and watch TV.  So I am okay with the
pain right now.

My doctor made an appoint me for me to see an orthopedic surgeon on
Monday at the Providence cancer center.  I really don't see much point
in going as there is really nothing much they can do. An operation is out
of the question with my condition.  As it is very difficult getting in and out
of the car (although we have an old Mountaineer which is as easy as any
car could be to enter and exit), I don't want to make more trips than is
necessary.  If I put weight on my side or bottom at the wrong angle, I just
scream.  I have never felt pain this severe when that happens, so I try to
not let it happen.

As it is more comfortable sitting in my office chair rather than lying in bed,
I have been sleeping nights in my chair rather than going to bed.  It works out
pretty well, and it is considerably more easy getting up from my chair rather
than getting out of bed.  My wife can't see how I can be comfortable or sleep
all night in my chair, but I can. God is merciful and answers your prayers.

My wife is such a great help and comfort to me.  She just tends to me
like a mother hen. Always asking: Are your comfortable?  Can I do
anything for you?  Do you want something to eat?  Can I get you this?
Can I get you that?  Are you warm enough? And she and Caesar come
in and check on me all through the night

I know that you will continue praying for me as I do for you.  Till next
time, stay close to God--Make Him proud!


I wish all those readers and Forum members who are mothers a happy Mother's
Day!.  I have nothing but fond memories for my own mothers.  She was a gentle,
loving, kind, and giving person all the days of her life. And for this, God took her in
her sleep at the age of 90.  I know of too many situations where the mother of a
family is not given the honor and respect she deserves.  What a horrible and
disgusting thing it is to dishonor one's own mother.  While it is true that not all mothers
are as worthy of honor has they should be, nonetheless, it behooves all children to
take the lead in doing whatever is possible to bring about reconciliation to those
broken homes. I could tell you stories that would literally break your heart.

My wife and I are both in a great deal of pain the last week or so, and therefore
haven't done very much except to sit side by side encouraging one another. I
don't know what I would do without her. And, of course, she says the same thing
of me.  We often kid about what a mess we are not able to do so many things we
would like to do for each other.  But sometimes just being there can be the greatest
gift of all. I hope and pray that you will all treat your mothers today and every day in
a way that will give you only fond memories when they are gone.

God be with you all,



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