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Author Topic: Comment and Question  (Read 2960 times)

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Comment and Question
« on: February 02, 2009, 09:38:53 PM »


I've just been reading some of the emails people have sent you and what you says explains so much of the Holier-than-thou attitudes "some" Christians have. I personally don't like to call myself a Christian because it implies that I subscribe to the beliefs of organised Christianity most of which you have shown me to be wrong or mislead.
I am constantly amazed at people complete and utter refusal to even consider a different idea when presented with new or different opinions and evidence.

My question is, what are we supposed to be doing? In real everyday milk and loaf of bread terms, what am I supposed to be doing on a day to day basis? Before I read one of your articles I thought that I was supposed to join a church so that I could go around finding non-believers to be saved. I personally have never felt saved, I always assumed that I would have to wait until I was judged to know whether I have been saved and I know understand that I will be saved, and I sho uld be working constantly towards being the kind of person God wants me to be. I guess I've just answered my own question. Is our purpose on earth to constantly be striving to learn and know as much about God as possible and not only know God but Love God and everyone else. That is what I've always struggled with, I'm not a very loving person. I'm not concerned with anyone else besides myself, my girlfriend and my family.
I would love a personal reply, but I have read your note on emails and understand that you are a busy man.

Thank you for explaining everything I always though was wrong with Christianity. I now no longer have to through away all my beliefs only the ones that you have shown to be false.

Lawrence, 24 male, South Africa.

Dear Lawrence:  It takes maturity to love other people, but since you are but 24 you have time.  We are to love God and obey Him, and love our neighbors as ourselves. And then, we are to overcome the world and all t he lust therein.  Every trial and evil that comes our way, we are to overcome, and that will take most of your lifetime.

    God be with you,

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