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Kenneth Haggin Bothers me


The other night i was listening to the Christian radio station and Kennith Haggin was on.  he says

"When Jesus died he went to hell, only he was in the Paradise side.  While there he preached to those already there."  he then goes on to tell us that Jesus was basically laughing at those in torments there.  ok then the big one.

he says that when we die we go either to heaven or hell.  those who go to hell are in torments.  ok then when Jesus comes back, those in hell are raised from the dead, then GO BACK TO HELL.  this is insane.  I know noone cares, just thought i would share, it really bothers me.  i cant believe people cheered.




Change the station or turn it off, and just let the spirit guide you to the truth.

Kennith Haggin to even suggest his idea of " jesus ", was laughing at those being tormented, is sadasitic,  sick, and no remorse that comes from Kennith Haggin own heart and nothing more.

Rid your self of this inane influence. And keep the FAITH brother !!!


Kenneth Hagen died some time ago.Well, that is what I was told once by a follower of his.    Do you mean his son Jr.?   I read some of Hagen's books years ago and they helped me at the time.  But I don't ever recall that he taught any sadistic pleasure over those in hell. It bothers me that they would sink so low. I think some people think those that go to the hell they believe in,  deserve it. At the time faith was being brought back into the church world and it served a purpose for balance. Of course, many then corrupted it by thinking they could use faith for pink cadillacs.  That is basically when I moved on. I pray that the whole faith-message crew (hagen, copeland, price, dollar etc.) would have their eyes opened to the truth.- But methinks the faith message has decreased and the prosperity message has increased.  But, I digress.  I agree with Rodger- turn the channel.


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