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Title: Thanks
Post by: Craig on December 30, 2007, 08:29:17 AM
Dear Ray,
A friend of mine asked me to check out your site and respond to her. I want
to say as a Jew, Thank you.
I am a believer in Jesus who we refer to as Yahshua his Hebrew name. The
congregation I attend teaches as you do the whole council of God. Line upon
line precept upon precept, not one Yad or letter from Torah will pass away
until all will be fulfilled.
Everything you wrote on concerning Jesus' teaching and His verbalization
with the religious people and also His compassion for the less fortunate
ones according to the world's standard of less fortunate is all true
according to Scripture. People must open their hearts when they read the
Word, asking God to help them to see the completeness of it. We can not take
out only what sounds good for the moment, but must read the whole text and
see where, when, how & why.
There is still a lot for me to read here, but I am looking forward to what
other articles you have written.