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Title: Womens Hair
Post by: Craig on January 02, 2008, 11:28:16 PM
        Have you encountered I Cor 11 and the long hair issue for women with the UPC? Iím curious of your take on the issue of women not cutting their hair according to UPC standards? Love to hear from you. God Speed. Robert 

        Dear Robert:  You have no idea how many people ask me questions by sending me ambiguous abbreviations.  What do you mean "UPC?"  United Presbyterian Church?  Unified Product Code? United Poultry Concerns?  Universal Product Code? Uniform Plumbing Code? United Pan-Europe Communications? Uplink Power Control? Usage Parameter Control?  Ultra Physical Contact? Ultra Portable Computer? University Park Campus?  University Programs Council? Or maybe you mean Universal Pentecostal Church or United Pentecostal Church?

        Regardless, I could care less what standards someone else places on God's Word. I can't even imagine the hardship and danger that "women not cutting their hair" might bring, unless one tries to capitalize on such nonsense like maybe Crystal Gayle.

        God be with you,