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Title: God or man ???
Post by: Craig on May 23, 2009, 03:53:19 PM
He is under the extensive care of a local Naturopath, (who has two doctor's degrees) and is following a rather ponderous protocol involving nearly a hundred daily doses of a wide variety of supplements along with three daily ozone treatments and various other procedures.

Ray has deeply appreciated hearing from those who have known of his condition. But let it be known that Ray trusts in God for any healing, not in supplements.   ???


That's right, Shayne--supplements are nothing but concentrated, high quality FOOD.  Something I should have

been eating for 68 years instead of too much white flour, sugar, and junk food.  Eating high nutrition is now part of my repentance.

You have a problem with that, don't you?  Vitamins will not cure stage IV terminal prostate cancer where

my entire skeleton has been matasticized going on two years.  Healing will come only from God. But if you judge my faith

differently, have at it.

God be with you,

Title: Re: God or man ???
Post by: Craig on May 23, 2009, 10:20:12 PM
Shayne replies to my last admonition to him:


Subject: Re: god or man ???
I understand what you mean now and i agree with you !  The Lord certainly is able to heal you entirely and we all have done our part to hurt our bodies in the past, we repent of that and bravely and confidently ask for healing and/or ask another to intercess on our behalf. I have enjoyed your articles and i also have an "attitude" of love of the truth and desire to expose those who contradict. I shall pray for you and do wish your heart and mind and body to be at rest .

Dear Shayne:  Thank you for your reply, Shayne.  You have no idea how rare it is for someone to concede a mistake

when I reply with a correction.  God bless you for your honesty and character in this matter.

May God be with you,