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Title: Parable
Post by: Craig on December 30, 2006, 09:06:17 PM
Hi ray,

Thanks for the encouragement.. can you tell me what you mean when you say all of the scriptures are a parable?



Dear Dave:

Well, not really, not in less than a hour or so, but I'll give you a hint. God is the Creator. He made everything. He made everthing for a purpose. There is one grand goal that God has for the entire human race. The Christian Church has not a CLUE as to what that goal is or how it will be accomplish. The whole plan and purpose is outlined in the Scriptures. But just as NONE of the people who heard Jesus teach in parables, understood His parables, so the Whole Bible is one GIANT parable which the Church does not understand. In a nutshell:  God is creating the human race into HIS VERY OWN SPIRITUAL IMAGE.  Oh, I thought that already was accomplished back in the Garden, wasn't it?  I told you it's all one GIANT PARABLE!

God be with you,