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Title: Sin?
Post by: Craig on August 24, 2006, 10:58:50 AM
Dear Mr. L Ray Smith,
You are an answer to prayer!!!
Thank you for your Web site. Now my Spirit has a word of interpretation it can agree with.
May the Lord  continue to Bless you and your family with all Spiritual  Blessings. I hope this isnt a stupid question.
My question for you is… I have been told all sin is the same. That does not agree with me. Listening to the news lately I am sickened by the sexual crimes done to 18 month olds. I just cant understand how that could be as bad as  say  smoking or drinking or thinking a thought  that would be a sin. Such horrible things are done like rape and murder  I am having a hard time with this Please help.

Sincerely, Eliza

Dear Eliza:

My great, great grandmother was named Eliza.

No, not all sins are the same. The Scriptures clearly speak of lesser and greater sins:  "For the punishment of the iniquity [that's sins] of the daughter of My people is GREATER than the punishment of the SIN of Sodom...." (Lam. 4:6). "....therefore he that delivered Me unto you has THE GREATER SIN"  (John 19:11).  Etc.

God be with you,