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Title: Tithing
Post by: Craig on September 17, 2006, 10:57:44 PM
Dear Brother Smith,
I like to thank you so much for the enlightment on the teaching you did on tithing. Me and my family and other church members have experienced first hand the destructed teaching of this message. After faithfully tithing for ten years to the church that we attended, the pastor and his family decided to leave with all the money the members had payed over the years. We where promised over and over that the tithes were being saved to purchised land and a church building. We were told that "we have not given until it hurts". Guilt was placed on those who didn't tithe and give more. I have sinced learned more about the subject of tithing from reading about it on you website. I pray others would be set free from this false doctrine and find the truth in Gods word.   
Your Brother In Christ,