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Title: Christ's?
Post by: Craig on June 17, 2006, 08:12:52 PM
> Hey ray
    > Wassup
Jus wanna know about the internal structure of the church are we meant to have the whole priest or paster down to the deacon & usher positions, I’m asking this as some pastors are treated like royalty as if they are better than everybody else!.
But besides all that are we all equal in church or did god intend for this old
testament structure in the church?

Oh & by the way in one of your recent articles you stated that there are not enough people who claim to be christ, for those end times verses to be talking just about them, not that I disagree its just that where I live
they seem to be cropping up everywhere, our latest one which seems to feed on the hatred that was spawned by apartheid against the white man , is "Shembe" or prophet shembe as the people call him nowadays this fool of a man thinks he’s christ & get this they use our bible, how is this possible I hear you ask? ,well they just erase the word jesus & replace it with shembe, don't ask me how they celebrate passover as this guy never died on the cross but he did die trying to prove he could fly up to heaven like jesus using banana leaves he heh! he! ,needless to say jumping off that mountain did send him to demise now his kids have taken over, calling themselves as christ, at present they now probably have bout one maybe two million followers.
These people preach a rather racist message & people just swallow it & hand over their hard earned cash, seems to me there's a better chance of having peace in the middle east than this stupidity ending.
Yours sincerely


    Dear Duncan:

    I don't even know of a congregation of true believers that is large enough or trained enough to fill all of those positions spoken of by Paul.  Jesus asked whether he would find faith on the earth when He returned?  NOT MUCH.

    God be with you,

Title: Christ's?
Post by: Craig on June 18, 2006, 09:17:51 AM
thanks for all the hard work you have done for the lord, may he richly bless you & your family for all the work you have done in Jesus's name.

Thank you for your encouragement, Duncan. I do feel blessed, even in my trials.

God be with you,